Pilot Letter: Luria must take stand on impeachment


The writer wants Elaine Luria to help impeach President Trump.

It’s OK with me if Rep. Luria takes a stand on impeachment, but I’m not convinced, as the writer seems to be, that impeachment is a good and desirable thing to do.

We’ll know in a few months how the public judges President Trump’s performance in office, when the election renders its verdict. Nothing more is needed. In fact, an impeachment would be interference in the election, every bit as bad as Russian meddling.

I’m also content that the DOJ is functioning as it should. I might have required Robert Mueller to rewrite his insipid report to a higher standard of legal scholarship, but I’m OK with how things turned out.

Let it be.

6 thoughts on “Pilot Letter: Luria must take stand on impeachment

  1. “It would be political suicide for the Congress, especially House Democrats, to start impeachment hearings during the upcoming presidential election season.“

    I think that is true.

    So what is the LTE’S point? Or was it written by a Republican operative to goad Democrats like Luria into doing “the right thing”.

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    1. The hearings would be short and sweet. The vote would be along party lines and he would be impeached. Then, the Senate would have to do what they have been doing all along only they’d have to be seen doing it — sticking their head in the sand.

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    2. Lawlessness and criminality ignored is lawlessness condoned. There need not be a drawn out process of hearings. Write the articles of impeachment from the many damning facts already known, take a vote and let the chips fall where they may. If the Republicans continue to support this grotesquely unsuitable,dishonest and unstable President it is not at all obvious that it would be good politics for them.


  2. At this point the investigations should continue, but the focus needs to be on selecting a duo that can remove the toxic waste in the WH..taking the Senate away from the sycophant enablers would be a nice touch as well..

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      1. Yes, Ms(?) Naive, that would be prudent, since the “system” will take WAY too long to put his cheating lying rear-end in jail.

        Good news; justice is slow, but remarkably persistent once engaged…

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