Interesting. I wonder how the letter writer feels about the Citizens United decision. If corporations have the right to free speech, why not city governments?

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  1. Isn’t it funny how the “States Rights,” small federal government crowd suddenly abandons all their supposed principles when it comes to a municipality voting to remove a 100 year old monument to slavery?

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  2. This letter makes two, recently, which claims Norfolk City Council has none of the rights of “personhood” which the Constitution protects.

    The claims are factually and legally erroneous, but I’m more concerned about the trend they appear to represent. There is also a third letter today which speaks cavalierly of abolishing rights.

    If two points make a line, and three points make a circle, then it seems there is a whole world of people out there, at least among tidewater residents who read the Pilot, that either doesn’t know or doesn’t value basic principles on which America was founded.

    That’s worrisome.

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    1. RE: “Citizens United gave corporations the right to free speech.”

      It would be more accurate to say that Citizens United merely acknowledged a right that already existed and was protected by law.

      The city is a corporation. Cities are formed by the legal process of incorporation. All corporations have “personhood” rights as understood in law going back to Roman times.


      1. It seems like we agree here. Yes, Citizens United affirmed the rights of corporations to practice free speech they same as individuals. I misspoke when I said it “gave them the right.,

        Then it would stand to reason that the cities of VA could legally voice their opinions on the issue of Confederate statues and what they would like to see happen with them


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