Frontpage: How the Left Gets the Statue of Liberty Poem Wrong

Commentary related to a recent Virginian-Pilot editorial, “Cuccinelli now the face of Trump’s immigration policies.” There’s an interesting connection between the Statue of Liberty and a daughter of the Confederacy.

5 thoughts on “Frontpage: How the Left Gets the Statue of Liberty Poem Wrong

    1. RE: “No, it hasn’t. It’s a poem on a statue. Settle down.”

      As stated in introducing the link, the poem was the focus of a recent Pilot editorial. The Pilot misinterpreted the poem in exactly the way Greenfield describes.


      1. I agree with you that it is silly to treat a poem as some sort of legal dictate. The article you link tries to tie that silliness to the broader left, which is ham-fisted and absurd.


  1. This line from Greenfield’s piece caught my eye, and I think it misstates the idea that many fell is the message of Lazarus’ poem.

    “They believe (often without reading it) that the poem speaks of America’s obligation to the world.”

    I don’t believe it is speaking of an obligation to the world, but a promise to the world that liberty will remain in the US for time immemorial. IMHO


  2. Greenfield’s article is incoherent. We want immigrants who are poor and want to stay that way? And he completely fails to support his thesis that Lazarus would be upset at how her words are being used today.

    To me, the statue has always stood as a welcoming beacon to those seeking a better life and the rule of law, not tyranny. To those seeking to escape lack of opportunity and no social/economic mobility which is found in much of the old world – be it those countries seeking to dominate through left-wing communism or right-wing oligarchy/dictatorship, which are but 2 sides of the same failed coin. The statue says that we stand for liberty, found in democracy and the rule of law, both of which, sadly, are fading from the land.


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