16 thoughts on “Pilot Letter: Disappointing policy

  1. I know you aren’t complimenting yourself. LOL!
    But I was pleased to see this letter, as well as the one Al M. had published the other day on the same topic.

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  2. Thanks, John.

    I name-dropped in the original. Here’s the part The Pilot edited: “I will miss the smart and respectful dialogue with fellow commenters like Adam Green, Craig Paskewic, John Prince, John Roberts, Raymond Russell and William Tabor. Heck, I’ll even miss Al Markowitz and Paul Murphy.“

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    1. I feel like the red-headed step child. I invited you to this site and you left me at the bar with your drink and the tab. 😱

      Just kidding. 😇

      The more folks we have and the more diverse they are we’ll have a better shot at some insightful chatter as well as entertainment.

      The hard part is getting the first comment because that means posting a link and an “opening bid”.

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        1. That could very well be. My memory is really good, but very short. Like…never mind.

          I was just thinking of it’s rebirth this week. I tried to post as many links to as many people so we don’t end up with just a couple of folks. That was the cause for its demise last time.

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  3. I suspect that the comment eradication was economic. I imagine Viafoura’s services are not free. And having someone respond to flagged comments was too time consuming for minimal staff.

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    1. IDK. The feedback I’ve gotten seems to have more to do with a philosophical perspective that a newspaper is not a social media forum. Maybe it’s smokescreen, but regardless it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the evolution of modern media.

      It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an on-line news feeds that won’t accept “comments” and debate.

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      1. RE: “The feedback I’ve gotten seems to have more to do with a philosophical perspective that a newspaper is not a social media forum.”

        That’s interesting. What have you been getting as feedback?

        I agree somewhat with the philosophical perspective you describe.

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        1. The feedback was informal from a couple of the editorial staff. I also agree, philosophically with perspective, but think (for better or worse) that from a practical perspective that horse has left the barn and ain’t comin back…

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      2. I do know that NYT and WAPO allow comments, but only to subscribers. Someone said that Fox News allows them as well, but I just looked and it did not appear to be so. CNN does not.

        And I do not believe that a newspaper feed is a social media platform. Some of the comments on VP.com may have appeared to be in the vein of social media because of some of the replies (including some of my own) being malicious attack-style comments instead of challenges to the comments themselves. I did try lately to be less combative, but would not shirk from personal defense if I felt personally attacked.

        I think Len is probably right that it was a financial decision. The programs and personnel required to verify flagged comments as being worthy of flagging ain’t cheap.

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  4. Thanks, Adam.
    Who knows … maybe with enough literal torches and pitchforks, it may be reconsidered.

    Additionally, the new format stinks … for want of a more dignified opinion.


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