How To Set Up a Free WordPress Account for Creating Comments And Posts At Tidewater Forum

You don’t need a WordPress account to reply to posts in this forum, but having one makes posting easier (once logged in you don’t have to re-enter your email addy and username every time you reply to an existing post) and it creates the option to be given “Author status” by the site owner. You need Author status to create new, original posts that other’s can comment on.

It is easy to create a WordPress account, and only takes a few minutes. The process involves creating your own blog site, but you are under no obligation to maintain it, or even ever to use it. No one will see it unless you intentionally publish it.

The steps below detail how to create a WordPress account and a free blog site. Some of the steps are “throw aways” in the sense that you have to complete them, but they are of little significance if you have no interest in using or maintaining your own blog.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Get Started (upper right corner).
  3. Click on Blog (first option in list of four).
  4. Enter a topic (it can be anything. This is a “throw-away step”). A facsimile of your personal blog site will appear.
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. Enter a name for your blog site. (This is a “throw-away step”.) The name you type will appear in the facsimile of your blog site, below.
  7. Click the Continue button.
  8. Click on one of the four styles for your blog site (Modern, Sophisticated, Professional, Calm). (This is a “throw-away step”.) The facsimile will change to reflect the style you choose.
  9. Click the Continue button.
  10. Enter a name or word to be used as the web address for your blog site. (This is a “throw-away step”.) A collection of options will replace the facsimile.
  11. Click on the Select button next to the Free option. New options will appear.
  12. Ignore the options that cost money. Instead, click on the Start with a free site link at the top of the page. A data entry form will appear.
  13. Complete the form by entering:
  • Your real email address (will be used for logging into, but will not be shown publicly on WordPress sites).
  • The screen name you would like to use to identify yourself. (Some users have expressed a preference that everyone use real names at Tidewater Forum, but there is no requirement to do so.)
  • Your password (click on the eye symbol at the right to see the characters in your password as you enter them).

14. Click on the Create your account button.

If you find an error in these instructions, please let me know by posting a reply. John Roberts (Chesapean)

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