PJM: There Are 10,000 Illegals from Terror States at Large in the U.S., ICE Reports


Stories like this one are one reason I support construction of a border wall. Broadly speaking, there are many issues to consider within the topic of immigration, but none of them matters unless and until our borders can be sealed where they need to be.

3 thoughts on “PJM: There Are 10,000 Illegals from Terror States at Large in the U.S., ICE Reports

  1. And the 4000 terrorists apprehended at the Southern border?

    Turnout to be total BS. 6 maybe’s. All the rest stopped at airports around the world and legal ports of entry.

    So beef up security where they come in. And it ain’t the Arizona desert.

    Plus we have 25,000 known “…hardcore ideological activists for the white supremacist movement…”


    And with a few exceptions, our terror attacks have been all homegrown Americans or legal residents for years. Synagogues and churches shot up and burned. Bombs mailed.

    Finally, illegals from “terror states” does not mean they are terrorists by any stretch. More likely they are fleeing terror themselves.


    1. RE: “So beef up security where they come in. And it ain’t the Arizona desert.”

      You don’t know this to be true. The article states “there are more than 10,000 illegal immigrants in the United States who came from countries the U.S. designates as state sponsors of terrorism.” If you intend to dispute the number, please give a source for your data.

      As for your “25,000 Americans [who are] hardcore ideological activists for the white supremacist movement,” your own source documents almost non-existent crime attributed to their numbers. But even so, the problem they represent is irrelevant to the issue of illegal immigration from countries named as sponsors of terrorism by the government.

      If you can’t agree that immigration from countries that sponsor terrorism is undesirable, then, frankly, your loyalty to the United States is questionable.

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  2. Please don’t ever question my loyalty again. I disagree with you and you liken that to being unpatriotic.
    That is a cheap and despicable insult. I can go back to PilotOnline for that kind of crap.

    To answer your comment. You must know that we have sponsored terrorism in our checkered past.

    Iran and Nicaragua were two of our targets a few decades back.

    Just because we define a state as terrorist does not mean its refugees are hostile.

    Vetting is important for any immigrant. And we vet more than any other nation. It can take years to get a visa unless one is from Norway. So there is no surprise that desperate people take desperate measures.

    Recall that we slow walked Iraqis and Afghans that helped our troops. They helped us and we won’t help them. Is there any wonder some sidestep official channels to save their families and themselves?

    Relevancy to homegrown terrorists? They have caused almost all of our casualties with the obvious exceptions of 9/11 and a handful of others. We ignored their groups while chasing Muslims. Several groups that keep tabs have reported significant upsurges among anti-Semitic and other hate groups.

    Finally, there is an ugly anti-immigrant fervor in this administration. Scapegoats for our problems.
    Looking for victims to blame is easier than looking for solutions.

    “Build the wall…kill them all” is populist crap. Dangerous too.



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