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  1. If that is true, then we need to know. Even jailhouse snitches are sometimes reliable.

    He is a convicted felon and the conviction was for lying.

    Remember how Jordan, Meadows, et. al. tore into Cohen for being a liar. And that Cohen might write a book and get rich.

    Papadopolus wrote a book too…hmmm.

    Of course we will know more when the Mueller report is released…maybe.


    1. If the Mueller report details foreign intelligence operatives’ involvement in a coup d’etat against a legally elected president, then every American citizen who supported the conspiracy — all the way up to Barack Obama — will be justifiably suspected of treason.

      No further indictments are expected from the Special Counsel’s work, but Trump has already ordered the declassification of relevant related materials and we are awaiting the DOJ IG’s report on alleged abuses within our own intelligence agencies. Indictments could flow from either.


  2. If any of what this fellow is alleging is true then we need to know it NOW. Of course, the only people who can be “set up” are people willing to break the law. Kind of like the “perjury trap” that Trumpistas are so worried about. It is NOT a trap for those who simply answer questions honestly.

    The idea that the Mueller report needs redacting before members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees can see it is an absurdity – part of the ongoing cover-up.


    1. RE: “that the Mueller report needs redacting before members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees can see it is an absurdity.”

      The redactions are required by law.


          1. That’s just plain silly.

            Trump has acted under a microscope every moment he has been in office. Every executive order has been put before a hostile judge in Washington State or Hawaii before the ink was dry. Even were he so inclined. Trump has had no opportunity to be lawless.

            But not even Clinton can compete with the Obama administration for almost-successful lawlessness.


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          2. @Tabor
            Denial is not just a river in Egypt. What you say is “silly” is an objective fact. No administration in modern history comes close to the number of senior officials involved in ethical failings and/or criminal behavior. And that is before we get to the rampant lawlessness of Trump’s Executive Orders. In this regard, your obvious double standard is simply laughable. Heads like yours would explode if President Obama had abused his authorities the way that Trump does every day.

            And, by the way, the article you link to is about Obama’s policy preferences and not his actions.


        1. Like what?

          Like trying to usurp the power of the purse from the Congress with a phony “national emergency.”
          Like ignoring environmental laws in permitting of oil and gas exploration and the building of pipelines.
          Like establishing religious tests for the treatment of asylum seekers.
          Like cruel and unusual punishments – stealing children – for misdemeanor offenses.
          Like abrogating the legal rights of government employees by EO.
          Like banning bump stocks which Obama could not find legal basis to do.


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