PJM: Child Psychology Prof Who Was Effectively Fired for Opposing Transgenderism Fights Back


“Dr. Josephson has testified against the trend of treating children with gender dysphoria (the persistent condition of identifying with the gender opposite one’s birth sex) with treatments affirming a transgender identity. Drugs that block puberty or cross-sex hormones can endanger a child’s long-term psychological health, he argued.

“In his 2016 testimony in the case Carcano v. McCrory, he argued that biological sex is immutable and based on objective binary genetic facts, while gender identity involves a basic sense of oneself as male or female — a social construct. Since “children are not equipped psychologically to make many important life decisions,” pro-transgender parents “abdicate their responsibilities if they allow children to ‘decide for themselves’ regarding key life decisions.”

4 thoughts on “PJM: Child Psychology Prof Who Was Effectively Fired for Opposing Transgenderism Fights Back

  1. Dr. Josephson’s views on transgenderism seem reasonable to me. I am not competent to judge them scientifically, but philosophically it seems obvious that transgenderism is a case in which our science tells us just enough to inspire all sorts of theoretical speculation, but not enough to know which theories are closest to being true. It is another instance of the myth of human progress.

    There are reports of 17th and 18th Century settlers in America who encountered Indian tribes in which highly feminized men and highly maculinized women seemed to operate as social equals to their more traditionally-gendered peers. But at the time these reports were made, anthropology had not yet become a formalized discipline and the observers who produced them were not in any case commonly scientists by training. As a result, there is precious little to be made of the reports themselves, as well as of similar reports made elsewhere in the world during this and subsequent periods in which “natural primitives” were still relatively abundant to be encountered.

    But the absence of good, reliable data from a natural world that no longer exists did not prevent the American Anthropological Society from claiming, in the late 20th Century, that gender fluidity is a normal and possibly healthful attribute of the human condition (or words to that effect, as I remember the policy statement I once read). Maybe the Society is correct, but I tend to think it is just as likely that transgenderism is a pathology common to cultures which are otherwise in decline or enduring a prolonged period of severe stress.

    We don’t know this, of course. In its present state our science does not allow us to know it.

    Our science in its present state is imperfect and incomplete. It may always be so. Therefore, let us commoners not allow competent science to become the object of right-thinking political enforcement. We need whatever bit of progressive improvement we can reasonably get out of allowing true science to be spoken.


  2. What is up with “conservatives” obsessing on this subject?

    Science – like every other human endeavor – is far from perfect but on every single subject it provides the best information available. Unlike religious dogma, it at least admits the possibility of error.


    1. RE: ” on every single subject it provides the best information available.”

      That very contention is the one in dispute.


    2. On many issues, science provides a huge amount of information, and no answers.

      Consider when human life begins.

      Science can tell us all about fetal development and medical viability, but it can’t define when a fetus obtains rights.

      That is a question of definition and philosophy.

      Science can provide us with the background information for making that decision, but the answer must come from a consensus of the people.


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