Pilot: Avenatti arrested



If you would strike at the King, take care that you kill him. (Emerson)

5 thoughts on “Pilot: Avenatti arrested

  1. Hardly. I imagine Trump is learning of it the same time as us.

    But when you take a swing at the king and miss, you draw attention to yourself, and if you’re a crook like Avenatti you should keep your head down.

    And, of course, there are always minions looking to gain the favor of the king by coming to his defense.


    1. I won’t dispute your characterization of Avenatti and the advice you offer him – if you’re a crook you should keep your head down.

      I think history will show that Trump should have followed similar advice since his life of corruption and crime is now getting massive attention that it otherwise would not have.

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  2. Manafort and Cohen both were non-descript shysters until they hooked up with the regime.

    All presidents come under tremendous scrutiny.

    Every word, golf game, past relationships, ne’er-do-wells known or not, relatives (Billy Carter…), finances, mistresses, politics as kid and older, parents, off-the-cuff remarks…you name it and it is in the spotlight.

    I think Trump thought he could just out bluster all of them.

    He can’t. No president could and he is not exempt.

    Trump’s a golfer. He should know that the best golfers are the ones who manage the misses.


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