Pilot: Nation awaits key findings as Mueller wraps up Russia probe


I expect it will take some time for the significance of the Mueller conclusion to sink in. This, because the main media spin so far seems to be, “It’s not over.” You can see this in the headline at the link, for example, and as the theme of various other headlines in the Pilot’s wire reports today.

18 thoughts on “Pilot: Nation awaits key findings as Mueller wraps up Russia probe

  1. But I imagine, too, that a lot of Trump supporters had the same reaction I did to the news the Special Counsel is closing up shop without further indictments or new recommendations for prosecution as the result of its investigation — Relief! that something about our system appears to be working properly again.

    The event puts me in mind of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, where devilish bedlam in the hearing room and fist pounding on the massive doors of the Supreme Court building ultimately failed to disrupt the magisterial functioning of our government. The impression is a little overblown, but Thank God for it anyhow.

    Many commentators on CNN last night preached the theme of “It’s not over,” but I suspect it is. Whereas CNN focused on Congressional investigations already poised to take over where Mueller has left off, Fox News looked forward to the DOJ Inspector General’s report on process abuses at the FBI, which is expected soon.

    Trump supporters like me will want accountability, if not payback, for the farce we have had to endure the last two years. That interest is reasonable. It is also now legitimate.


      1. RE: “Which FOX news office: NYC or The White House?”

        I have no idea. Does it matter?

        RE: “Are you referring to John Huber’s investigation of the FBI?”

        No. I am referring specifically to a new report expected from Inspector General Michael Horowitz. As your link suggests, it is not publicly known what, exactly, Huber has been investigating. About a year ago, Jeff Sessions confirmed that Huber was working with IG Horrowitz to review “certain matters” that Congressional investigators were concerned about:


        The results of that review have not yet been made public.


    1. Payback?

      Let me tell you about “payback”. 6 years and $55Million for a stained blue dress. It started out as a real estate investigation for something that happened before the 1992 election. In the end, even Senate Republicans were disgusted with the investigation.

      But it did hurt Gore and we got Bush and two interminable wars that cost thousands of American lives, ruined probably a couple of hundred thousand more lives, killed millions of Iraqis and Afghans, created Al Qaeda which help morph into ISIS and a worldwide terror organization that blow up people for fun.

      Now, who is going to make good on that “payback”?

      Fortunately, Bush was so bad and the recession so brutal, that we got a good man in office for 8 years. A man the Republicans could not unseat even when they made it their one and only legislative effort.

      A two year investigation that has confirmed Russian interference in our elections and put many of Trump’s inner circle with felony convictions and in prison for years to come is not a farce. We know the Russians hacked the emails. We know that Roger Stone knew in advance that the hacked emails were going to be released by Wikileaks. We know Cohen lied to protect the president and that is why he is going to prison. The list goes on.

      The question was not if Trump made a personal phone call to Putin to throw the election. (Of course, we have no idea if Trump personally thanked Putin in that mystery meeting that only he and the Russians know about) It was about collusion by the campaign and its minions.

      So it may very well not be over. But don’t worry, Pelosi won’t go for impeachment. (Or maybe you are worried she won’t…). Unless something so serious, so treasonous comes out that even Senate Republicans can’t stomach. And that is a mighty high bar.

      Then we might see serious “payback”.

      And we might actually get a Democratic government, fix the roads, get some form of affordable, accessible universal healthcare, make schools affordable, and give McCain the rest any dead person deserves.

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      1. RE: “We know the Russians hacked the emails.”

        No, we don’t.

        RE: “We know that Roger Stone knew in advance that the hacked emails were going to be released by Wikileaks.”

        So what? He was not the only one expecting that very thing.

        RE: “We know Cohen lied to protect the president and that is why he is going to prison.”

        No, we don’t.

        RE: “So it may very well not be over.”

        Agreed. As I wrote in my original post: “Trump supporters like me will want accountability, if not payback, for the farce we have had to endure the last two years. That interest is reasonable. It is also now legitimate.”


        1. Gosh, I am relieved from you answers. Succinct, well documented and easy to spell,

          No. No. No…

          Oh, well. I am going to bed now.


  2. Media says it is not over because it is not over. It is just beginning. First of all, we still have no idea what is in the report. Secondly, we have no idea how many criminal referrals have been made to other prosecutors operating without the limited scope of the Special Counsel.

    Secondly, I will note that when the DOJ decided it could not make a criminal case with respect to Clinton’s emails “conservatives” did not accept that gracefully. Instead they have been on a rampage of criminal conspiracy accusations that even now has not stopped as evidenced, for example, by the nonsense about process abuses by the FBI.

    The “farce” has been just about the most significant and successful Special Counsel process ever. Or, to put it in terms that you might be able to understand – this “witch hunt” has caught a lot of witches.

    From the NYT . . .

    “Six people connected to President Trump have been charged by the special counsel with an array of crimes, including financial fraud and lying to Congress and investigators. Five have been convicted or pleaded guilty. Twenty-eight others, including 26 Russians, also face charges.”


    1. RE: “when the DOJ decided it could not make a criminal case with respect to Clinton’s emails ‘conservatives’ did not accept that gracefully”

      Of course we didn’t. James Comey’s handling of that matter was demonstrably unjust. Jeff Sessions even appointed a dedicated prosecutor to investigate. Now that the Special Counsel is finished, we can expect to hear the results of that review.


      1. See. Rather than accept the facts of the matter and trust the integrity of patriotic public servants you and your ilk continue this childish nonsense. But, with that said Comey’s conduct was indeed unjust and/or stupid – it was stupidly unjust to Hillary Clinton. He had no business going public with his tongue-lashing and even less business writing a letter to GOP Congressman about irrelevant discoveries on Anthony Weiner’s phone.


        1. So you agree that Comey’s conduct was unjust, but criticize me for wanting to hear what a patriotic public servant doing his job to investigate has to say about it?


          1. Yep. Because one injustice is real (public disclosure of internal thinking about the Clinton email matter) and one is phony bullshit (that the FBI and DOJ illegally gave Clinton a pass).


          2. Whether the injustice you call “phony” is in fact “phony” is precisely the question that remains to be answered. Maybe we should all take your word for it, but I’ll wait for the wheels of justice to finish grinding.


          3. There is no real question to be answered. The kind of conspiracy it would require is almost literally impossible. Too many people had a role for them ALL to be corrupt. The internal inquiry you are salivating over was initiated by a corrupt administration as a smoke screen for their own crimes and to satisfy the kind of idiots who think “Lock her up” is a suitable platform on which to select a President.


      1. This is getting pretty pathetic.

        If you remember, I told you the ‘Birther’ thing wasn’t about race but about desperate wishing for a magic bullet to prevent or invalidate Obama’s election by sore losers.

        This is exactly the same thing. You and your tribe are no different than those still clinging to Birtherism even after Obama is out of office.

        You lost an election you thought you had in the bag and you will twist your brain into a pretzel to avoid accepting that.

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