15 thoughts on “FPM: The Pelosi Papers

  1. Democrats being commies?

    Schoolyard taunts and overt generalizations that include me are taken at face value. To be sure, that value is dubious.

    But in the interest of civility, I will overlook the obvious attempts at insults.

    Bridges was an international labor leader during the early part of the last century. That many were members of the communist party is not earthshaking news. After what unfettered capitalists did to the world economy and the average citizen, communism started to look a bit better.

    That he was an influential labor leader is not in dispute, and that was Pelosi’s point.

    That Reagan supported Somoza is a dark stain in the history of the US. Much like our re-installation of the Shah in Iran.

    Not only a dark stain, but the whole concept of skirting the law to finance the thugs via the nefarious Iran-Contra scam makes it a festering wound. Cheney would make millions selling arms to our enemy and then become the most evil VP we have ever had.

    The Soviet Union often bragged that they would destroy us from within. Americans were led to believe that the poor schleps who wrote movies or were labor leaders would be that corrosive agency.

    Now the smart money knows it is us along, like Walt Kelly and POGO said decades ago.

    People like Cheney and the traitorous neo-cons, then FOX, then Trump and now all the nasties like Meadows, Jordan, the NC legislature, Spencer and all the others who wrap themselves with a flag (and some actually carrying a cross)-these are the enemies of our nation.



    1. RE: “Democrats being commies…”

      The phrasing is ambiguous, so you had your choice: Take it personally, or else think about it.

      I actually believe that dupes — people who fundamentally subscribe to Marxism, even if they don’t see it in themselves — are a real problem in our political culture. Dupes make too much noise, usually emotional, always naive. A good example occurred yesterday when an agitated young woman confronted Chelsea Clinton to accuse the famous daughter of elitism and the sin of fomenting violence among the proletariat.


      The young dupe didn’t know what she was saying, of course, or, really, to whom, but this precisely is the nature of the problem.

      Old liberals like Pelosi are no different. They are merely geriatric.


      1. Broad brush work.

        So you think Cheney and the neo-cons are American heroes?

        While those who question such right wing ideology are “dupes”? Or “useful idiots” I guess used to be the phrase favored by Stalin. Of course Stalin was hardly a communist. He was nothing more, or less, than a brutal dictator with a red symbol on his cap.

        I suppose the frantic tone of Meadows, Jordan, Kavanaugh, and other lecturing right wingers is just “thoughtful rebuke” in a firm tone and not hysterical rants from delusional liberals.

        I seem to detect a bit of arrogant elitism or right wing intelligentsia seeping through your comment.

        Patronizing might be the more apt description.

        “Now now, don’t you worry your little head, my dear. Mr. Somoza is really a nice man who just needs to discipline his citizens for electing a socialist.”

        (My words, of course.)

        Dupe: Trump agreed to the original funding bill last year. Then Coulter and company questioned his manhood.

        Dupe: Bi-partisan immigration bill for Dreamers and full funding for the wall and even restrictions on legal immigration. 80% of what Trump wanted. Miller, et.al. whispered in his ear.

        Dupe: Kim got Trump to travel half way around the world to meet him in Asia. No deal, rebuilding missile sites.

        Manafort, Cohen, Flynn.

        Dupe. Dupe, Dupe.

        Pelosi is starting to make an awful lot of good sense. I don’t suppose you’ll agree. 😁

        In closing, most of the anti-Democratic rhetoric is regarding affordable healthcare as if it were part of a new Communist Manifesto. And yet, no alternatives have actually been addressed by the Republicans. Furthermore, healthcare was the topic the Democrats took the House on.

        The Republicans were stuck with the Trump message of hordes of rapists, drug dealers and terrorists approaching the border with Mexico.

        Dupe, again.

        IMHO, of course


        1. RE: “most of the anti-Democratic rhetoric is regarding affordable healthcare as if it were part of a new Communist Manifesto.”

          I believe it is. The solution I favor is total government disengagement from the marketplace for medical services.


          1. RE: “So that does not make Medicare, ACA, VA, Medicaid part of a Marxist agenda just because you say so.”

            Of course it doesn’t. But you lampoon the connection as if the lampoon were self-evidently correct. It is not self-evidently correct to me.


  2. “Democrats being commies isn’t news but bears repeating?”
    Maybe, but only if you are a total jackass who makes a bag of rocks seem to be well-informed.

    But seriously, such a statement is exactly what should be expected from a person who spreads and repeats every bit of mindless garbage that he can lay his hands on. Garbage history. Garbage economics. Garbage science. Insane conspiracy theories. In short, a person of little education and a well-demonstrated lack of critical thinking skills. A person who hates America and and revels in smug insults hurled at the majority of our people with different ideas about what it means for America to be great.

    It has frequently been noted that one should be embarrassed at – if not ashamed of – the kind of filth and poison spewing from Trump and his followers. This is a good example of exactly that kind of filth.


    1. RE: “Maybe, but only if you are a total jackass who makes a bag of rocks seem to be well-informed.”

      I expected nothing less from you. The benefit is there is no need to respond to such simplemindedness.


      1. No need to respond because what I said is irrefutable. Obviously.

        The simplemindedness on display here is that of a superannuated jackass with nothing to offer but worn out and dishonest attacks from the redbaiters of decades ago.


          1. Lame. You throw out ugly and dishonest name-calling and then pull back into your shell. Jackass.

            The Democratic Party is the only mainstream party left in this country. We are not “commies.” We are the only fiscally responsible party and the only one which is actively seeking to improve the lives of the people who are America.

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          2. RE: “The Democratic Party is the only mainstream party left in this country. We are not ‘commies.'”

            I never said all Democrats are commies, only that Democrats being commies is not news. A Republican being a commie — that would be news.


          3. AOC and Pelosi look like commies to me. In fact, I posted the original link for the very reason that it makes that argument.


          4. AOC and Nancy Pelosi may indeed look like “commies” to you as they do to other total jackasses who makes a bag of rocks seem to be well-informed. So now we have come full circle.


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