ZeroHedge: The Trump Phenomenon As Seen From Europe

Conservative commentator Philip Giraldi shares a few observations from his recent trip to Italy: “In the course of the week we managed to speak to many of the co-celebrants, primarily those from Italy, Germany and Britain and the conversations inevitably turned to the subject of Donald Trump and what he is doing. I fully expected that I would receive an earful, but what actually developed was quite a surprise. Nearly everyone had good things to say about the American president, though there were suggestions that he might be more than just a little bit pazzo, verrückt, or bonkers.”

One thought on “ZeroHedge: The Trump Phenomenon As Seen From Europe

  1. I guess it depends upon whom you talk to. There is a move to autocracy in some nations, which is the ugly side of nationalism. (See WW1.)

    But here was a telling quote from your link, for what it is worth:

    “While Washington wastes its money on weapons and endless wars the Chinese are making deals and expanding both their personal and economic presence.”

    While we are having a trade war with China, they are just expanding their markets.

    Perhaps abandoning TPP (just because it was an Obama deal…) might not have been such a good idea.

    Divide and conquer has been a pretty reliable tool for dominance.

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