PJM: ‘You May Not Be Interested in War, but War Is Interested in You’


5G is another issue where it becomes sane to think like an America First nationalist. I’m skeptical that 5G is safe as a matter of public health, but I agree with Goldman that we can’t live without it.

6 thoughts on “PJM: ‘You May Not Be Interested in War, but War Is Interested in You’

  1. Gee, a call for government investment in the private sector, an anathema to Conservatives. Well, at least until some well connected folks get involved. I like the contrast with China investing in technology and we invest in stadiums.

    I am also concerned about new, exotic technology infrastructure coming from China. Hacking our grid would no longer be necessary if you control it.

    What is interesting is the demand to spend profits on R&D or the government will tax it. That is an admission that, yes, the money is there to do what we need. Instead of “investing” in phony credit default swap claims, maybe 5G would interest the financiers if they had some more patience or were better citizens.

    That is socialism, of course, according to naysayers on the right. Controlling the means of actual innovation and production.

    We could do the same with the healthcare industry. Make it more affordable or we will.

    Hey, 5G could be as much of a crisis as the health of our own workforce.

    Bottom line? We may be entering an era where we realize that private industry may not always be in our best interests unless we nudge them to look out for America’s. And not just the next quarter’s earnings.

    And is the ironic part. If we decide to make a Manhattan project on technology we will need a lot of well educated people. If the coal miners won’t make that effort or lack the resources to do so (hello Hillary), then we have millions of immigrants who would love the opportunity if they were legal. And we might need more.

    I wonder if Spengler could have a beer with AOC?

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    1. All good observations. They help to explain Spengler’s comment, “As a free marketeer I abhor industrial policy, except as a war measure.”

      I think it is interesting to observe, too, that industrialized warfare is the ultimate socialism. In the same vein, war itself is the ultimate communal experience. It is no accident that socialist and communist leaders tend to emerge from military conflict and maintain a consistent revolutionary ideology throughout their ascension and establishment.

      But all that aside, what of Spengler’s point? Are we to do nothing?


    1. Thanks for the link, but I remain skeptical.

      After posting the article last night, I saw a medical doctor on TV talking about cell phones and wireless ear buds. He contended that strong evidence exists to show that cell phone and related radio emissions cause brain cancer and other ailments. But he noted that we don’t have the long-term studies needed to validate the hypothesis.

      I’ve been following this issue in a casual way for a number of years. In my view, 5G’s public safety risks are simply unknown.


      1. The point of the article I linked to is that even the most energetic microwaves to be used for 5G are at the low energy end of the spectrum and should, therefore, have less impact on our bodies than more energetic electromagnetic radiation such as daylight.

        Electronics held close to the head are a different issue – it is the electromagnetic fields that surround them NOT the signals they send and receive that may have unstudied effects.


        1. Understood. Perhaps you are not aware that, early on, microwave technology was extensively developed for use as offensive weapons. That development continues today with some ingenious applications. So I repeat, the public health effects likely to emerge in saturating our living spaces with microwave radiation are simply unknown.


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