Heritage Foundation: Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States


“The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of proven instances of election fraud from across the country. This database is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list, but is intended to demonstrate the many ways in which fraud is committed. Preventing, deterring, and prosecuting election fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of our voting process.”

2 thoughts on “Heritage Foundation: Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States

  1. Thanks for the link. Very interesting and useful.

    This study has documented 1,177 instances of vote fraud going back decades with only a tiny portion that involving in-person fraud on election day.

    This database allows you to search various kinds of voting fraud. I used it to get information on . . .

    “Impersonation Fraud At The Polls
    Voting in the name of other legitimate voters and voters who have died, moved away, or lost their right to vote because they are felons, but remain registered.”

    This is the kind of voter fraud that all these GOP voter ID laws are supposed to stop. Using the tool, the database contains thirteen instances during the FOURTEEN years from 2004 thru 2018. Not 13 hundred. Not 13 thousand. THIRTEEN. That is approximately ONE instance per year NATIONWIDE.

    Maybe this will convince you that these ID laws are not designed to address a real problem? If not, why in the world are you offering a source of evidence?


    1. RE: “Maybe this will convince you that these ID laws are not designed to address a real problem?”

      On the contrary, I’m very happy to have data which indisputably refutes a common liberal talking point that impersonation at the polling site doesn’t happen at all.

      But your contention is that it doesn’t happen often enough to be worth worrying about. I might agree in principle, except that impersonation is not the reason for having photo ID.

      Photo ID is a necessary quality check on the integrity of the voter registration rolls. The need for it is technical, arising from standard procedures for database administration and management. That the photo ID requirement repeats the validation procedure at the time of registration is exactly what makes it a quality check.

      Thus, to be opposed to photo ID is to be opposed to quality elections, or to be in favor of low quality ones.


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