PJM: Joe diGenova Urges Trump DOJ to Refuse to Cooperate with Rep. Nadler’s Document Requests


Is it really true the Supreme Court might support refusal to comply with a Congressional subpeona? Where the subpeona represents an abuse of power, I sure hope so.

7 thoughts on “PJM: Joe diGenova Urges Trump DOJ to Refuse to Cooperate with Rep. Nadler’s Document Requests

  1. One of the many core principles on which are democracy under the rule of law depends is that no one is above the law. It is time for “conservatives” to start defending those principles from the degradations being done by Trump. If any of these criminals and officials fail to comply with lawful subpoenas, they should be held in contempt and imprisoned until they do.

    As Nadler put it . . .

    “Over the last several years, President Trump has evaded accountability for his near-daily attacks on our basic legal, ethical, and constitutional rules and norms. Investigating these threats to the rule of law is an obligation of Congress and a core function of the House Judiciary Committee.”


    1. RE: “One of the many core principles on which are democracy under the rule of law depends is that no one is above the law.”

      No doubt. But that includes Congress.


  2. I suspect President Trump would prevail in court. Congress has subpoena powers for the purpose of oversight and pouring over a decade of personal tax returns and other records looking for politically embarrassing information from prior to Trump’s campaign and election is not in any way oversight.

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    1. A president has great leeway and power with regards to foreign policy and trade negotiations, including, as we well know, tariffs.

      Trump and his family have far-flung investments and loans with countries that we are actively negotiating deals with. Also, he has done a lot of business with countries that do not have America’s best interests in mind.

      Oversight is not only necessary, it is demanded in this particular presidency with regards to how much influence his business ventures would have on his decisions regarding American interests abroad.

      We already know his daughter has gotten unusually favorable treatment regarding patents in China at the same time as removing sanctions against a Chinese company that was a security threat to our country.
      And just as coincidentally, an investment in Indonesia by China was finalized at the same time.

      Now we have sworn testimony that the building in Moscow was in the works at least 6 months after Trump said it was scrubbed.

      Trump made a fortune on a decrepit mansion in Palm Beach by selling to a Russian oligarch and financed through a bank in Cyprus that Wilbur Ross was vice-chairman of.

      Donald, Jr. bragged that Trump Organization had almost too much money from Russian investments as late at 2007 and 2008. That is just a few years before the groundwork was being laid by Trump for a presidential run.

      Banks in the US stopped lending to Trump because of his history with bankruptcies and defaults. Money came from overseas and could very well reveal conflicts that would create serious questions about policy decisions.

      Bottom line: past presidents have not had these kind of economic interests worldwide.

      Trump does and he is the only one who would not reveal his tax returns. And yet his would be the most important with regards to business entanglements and obligations a president might have.


  3. I suspect that you are wrong. There is no law concerning limits on or purposes of Congress’s subpoena powers and the Courts will be loathe to interfere. The Democrats will answer to the people if they overstep just as the Republicans did with Whitewater. And, BTW, what did THAT have to do with oversight?

    Trump has been making some very strange decisions on behalf of the American people. It is highly important to know the extent to which his past – possibly criminal – behavior has put him in the thrall of foreign adversaries. It is also important to support the principle that no man is above the law and that includes the President and his family whose business behavior – even in office – has been shady at best and criminal at worst.

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    1. “And, BTW, what did THAT have to do with oversight?”

      Whitewater occurred while President Clinton was an elected official in Arkansas.

      Nadler is seeking tax returns and other records from when President Trump held no political office. The tax returns of private citizens are just that. Private.

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      1. It should be noted that the entire investigation of Bill Clinton was conducted by the Independent Counsel, and began with specific allegations of criminal wrongdoing. Unlike today, Congress conducted no investigations of its own. Its oversight role was limited to reviewing the Independent Counsel’s report and drafting the articles of impeachment it felt were necessary.

        Today, neither the Special Counsel nor the Congressional “oversight” are limited by specific criminal allegations. This is why abuse is highly probable.


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