FPM: Virginia Democrats Elect Their First Islamist Anti-Semite


Posted without comment except to note that a search for “Ibraheem Samirah” at The Virginian-Pilot returns only one result, and that unrelated to his political views.

3 thoughts on “FPM: Virginia Democrats Elect Their First Islamist Anti-Semite

  1. Islamist? Antisemite? The dentist who won 60% of the vote?
    More ignorant slander to inflame the weak-minded.
    This is why decent people have come to despise Trumpism and to hold those who facilitate and spread such garbage beneath contempt.


    1. RE: “The dentist who won 60% of the vote?”

      Percentage of the vote doesn’t mean anything. Are there any facts in Daniel Greenfield’s piece you wish to dispute?


      1. Any facts? I do not dispute any of his irrelevant facts. Yes, 7 Israeli girls were slaughtered in 1997 and yes some of the people engaged in a life and death struggle with Israel did not condemn it in the strongest possible terms (and King Hussein’s attempt to do so is dismissed here as a publicity stunt.) What I do dispute is the relevance of this history to this popular and duly elected representative.

        I also do not accept as factual his characterizations of various Palestinian organizations. His presentation is something like this . . .

        “John Roberts is known to have donated to the Red Cross, a well-known fascist front group. ”

        Percentage of the vote DOES mean something. It means that the people he represents and who know him far better than this turd do not believe the slanders.

        What is particularly obscene about this attack is that it is coming from a party whose strongest adherents march through the streets of our cities chanting “Jews will not replace us” and waving swastikas. A party which almost every day tries to make political hay by demonizing Jewish financial supporters of the Democratic Party.

        Finally, when anybody speaks out against the behavior of Likud and its leader they are expressing the views of a majority of the Israeli population who, like us, are ruled by a crass minority.

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