7 thoughts on “CATO: Here Is What’s Wrong With the Gun Control Bills the House Is About to Pass

  1. The old “criminals do not obey the law” argument warmed over. That, and the argument that this universal background check system will not completely solve the problem so why bother. In fact, making background checks universal it will make it more difficult for criminals to get their hands on a gun. If a sketchy neighbor or Craig’s List responder wants to buy your extra gun, you will think about it a little harder if you could be criminally liable for what he does with it.

    As for criminalizing innocent behavior, if you really want to give a gun to your neighbor, then work with your friendly neighborhood gun dealer to do it legally. A little inconvenient? Sure. But that is the price for living in a civilized country.


    1. No thanks.

      Welching on settled liberties is far from civilized. If we’re talking about the “price for living” in this country, I’ll take the price of occasional abhorrent shootings over the price of expanding police powers.


      1. Not too ridiculous. Of course someone else’s child being slaughtered is far less troublesome for YOU than a little paperwork in the very rare event that you would ever want to give your gun to a neighbor.

        This kind of solipsistic attitude toward just about every issue is arguably the defining characteristic of the modern “conservative.”


      2. Settled liberties? Where in the Constitution is it written that you have a right to sell your “arms” to anyone that you choose without regulation or impediment? A law that required every gun transaction to be done through a licensed dealer would not be “welching” on a settled liberty.


          1. EVERY new law restricting or regulating public behavior in any way is an “expansion of police powers” under your very broad definition. And to answer your question, the Constitution is very clear on how that is to be done under a system of checks and balances and ultimately requiring three separate branches of government to be on board with it.


          2. RE: “EVERY new law restricting or regulating public behavior in any way is an “expansion of police powers” under your very broad definition.”

            Yes, it is. And legitimately so.

            As for Constitutional remedies, I will never support your gun-control objectives.


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