5 thoughts on “The President Has Lost the Space Force Fight

  1. I don’t know enough to be able to say whether the president’s policy on space-based military defense is a full step forward or only a half step. Still, it is notable that a mainstream publication like the American Spectator would call out deep-state resistance to those policies.

    It has been a staple of conspiracy theories from the John Birch Society to Qanon that a globalist cabal has been plotting the ultimate demise and subjugation of the United States for generations. It would seem that now inference of such a conspiracy has become acceptable in polite conversation. As the Spectator author notes, “There was a time that many of the same people who are fighting the calls for an independent Space Force would have taken the lead in creating such a force.”

    I suspect America’s military capabilities in space are more advanced than is generally known. This, alternatively, may account for deep-state reluctance to support the formation of an independent space force, and all the public attention the project would receive.

    However that may be, the notion of our deep state operating as a villain appears to be gaining currency.


    1. In college I took a course called “Bureaucracy” the Fourth Branch”. The premise being that although our politics shift as elections evolve over time a certain continuity and even stability was provided by the bureaucrats. A chaos from drastic changes to the ship of state’s direction is muted so Americans can catch up.

      Pre-internet and 24 hour cable news probably masked some that. And to a degree that was a good thing. Businesses and individuals don’t really want to wake up every morning to new changes.

      Now with leaks, blogs, endless sources and enervating commentary the term “deep state” has come into vogue. I don’t doubt that with millions of federal workers, some with turf to protect, that not every one will bend to the will of political leaders. Especially when cabinet secretaries often come from campaign donation history rather than managerial skill in governance.

      Trump is nothing if not mercurial. In real estate deals that might be good. But in governance I think that quality will not go unchallenged, rightly or wrongly, at least in the name of stability.

      Deep state implies a grand conspiracy. I am a firm believer that two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

      One caveat. If Trump continues to insult, undermine, and contradict our intelligence services eventually some kind of payback will come from the position of “why bother anymore?”. Then out will come the conspiracy theorists in full “I told you so” force.



        1. There is ZERO credible evidence that there is any such thing as “deep state” conspiracy. Len has summarized the reality which – in my words – amounts to nothing more than bureaucratic inertia.

          As for the “Space Force,” it was a stunt and a joke from the beginning and it has been put in its proper place by the adults staffing the Department of Defense.


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