ZeroHedge: China Plans To Build Solar Power Station In Space

This topic is a good example of a subject area where nationalist thinking is appropriate: We must not allow China to become the only nation equipped with this technology.

6 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: China Plans To Build Solar Power Station In Space

    1. Why?

      The military applications are one concern, but more concerning are the economic consequences. A nation with essentially free energy will become the most economically powerful nation on Earth. To ensure equitable distribution of the benefits will require there to be a competitor.


      1. The point of “Why?” was that it has nothing to do with China. If “essentially free energy” really is within our realistic technical capabilities then we should pursue it because we want “essentially free energy.” If it is just pie in the sky we should NOT pursue it because China is doing so.

        Conservatives make me laugh. They are so worried about the emerging intellectual and economic superpower of China while they do their best to starve our schools, universities, energy systems and our infrastructure and make advanced education a privilege for a few in order to cut taxes for billionaires.


        1. _RE: “If ‘essentially free energy’ really is within our realistic technical capabilities then we should pursue it because we want ‘essentially free energy.'”

          Yes, we should. The point, however, is that multiple players are now engaged. Hence, the option is no longer a purely idealistic one.


  1. This technology would still be just a space age version of single source power needing to be distributed. What we have now is a power station that is hooked to thousands of users via wires on poles. Nothing has changed from even the days of DC power except AC. The perennial problem is not generation but distribution.

    The sun is available, with a few exceptions, 8-14 hours per day in the middle latitudes year around. Local solar technology, meaning individual or small group clusters, means no vulnerable distribution systems. Appliance efficiency is going up each year. Battery technology is going up almost exponentially. Panels are getting cheaper and more efficient. Natural gas backup generators could take care of some worst case scenarios.

    That leaves industry which could cluster both smaller generator plants and alternative energy.

    The lack of a grid, or at least a more scattered series of grids, could reduce vulnerability to cyber attacks.

    And what happens when that massive solar generator breaks down 23,000 miles up in space.

    Of course my suggestion has lots of details such as city lighting, traffic controls, pumps, etc. that need to ironed out. But if we can get the majority of residential power needs off grid that would free up a lot of sources for other applications.


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  2. If the Chinese make it work, good for them. There is plenty of space up there for us to copy their success. It’s not like they can patent a technology that has been standard fare in science fiction for 30 years.

    Since the power would come down by microwave, there is no reason that it cannot be sent down to multiple locations, thereby decentralizing the grid as you desire. Instead of multiple generators, you would just have multiple receivers.

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