Time to ramp up the pandering


If black voters, or decent people in general, fall for this, they will get the government they deserve.

3 thoughts on “Time to ramp up the pandering

  1. Whoever is monitoring the Pilot comments is either inept or on vacation. Or both. The insults, the broad characterizations and totally off topic comments are not even broached. So I would imagine the selection process for commenting is in the same capable hands.

    On the subject of Northam, we will certainly disagree. He responded ineptly and reactively without considering the unintended consequences. That is, less a polished politician and more an average person caught in the spotlight. This applies to both the blackface and the abortion issues.

    We would prefer otherwise in high elected officials. However, I think that forcing him out of office for these transgressions is really a case of some Democrats demanding purity and perfection where there is none and some Republicans seeing payback and opportunity.

    At the risk of “whataboutism” we have a president who speaks from the gut and backtracks on a regular basis. And supporters find that refreshing. And his words carry a lot more weight and impact in the entire nation and world.

    From a point of political reality, Fairfax is in real trouble. His issues, if true, are criminal. Yet a total administrative change is more disruptive than we need. Getting rid of both top officers is not necessary. I feel that the punishment should fit the crime and Northam has hardly escaped scot free. It will take some time and a lot of effort for him to regain both trust and effectiveness.

    I think he can do both.



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