State of the Union address

Never saw so many Democrats wearing white since the last KKK March.

9 thoughts on “State of the Union address

      1. Len, for anyone outside the left wing bubble chamber the article is biased from the first line to the last. All through Democrats are referred to as ‘resurgent’ while Trump is referred to as stubborn. In reality, only Trump has been flexible and follows the request of the border patrol experts.

        Pelosi just says ‘no wall’ giving no expert testimony against it and refused to listen to the homeland security sectretary’s briefing.

        And the bias pervades media. Politico, for example, called Trump’s statement that 1 in 3 women in the caravans had been sexually assaulted.a lie because the study referred to said 31%, not 33.3%.

        That is the kind of nitpicking applied to every word Trump speaks. And that is BIAS.


        1. Political did NOT call his statement a lie. In fact they provided the basis of the claim. How brain dead do you have to be to mindlessly repeat a lie generated by the Daily Caller?

          The problem with the claim is how incredibly thin and non-random the sample it is based on is.


        2. Politico supported his claim and provided the source. Google sources emphasized FOX’s report on nitpicking with the 31% statistic as “proof” that Trump is being picked on.

          The FOX bubble is more obfuscating and tighter than any supposed MSM “bubble”.

          Think outside the “FOX”.

          All politicians since the popularity of the internet surged in the last decades have been subject to greater scrutiny and fact checking.

          Trump is just more of a challenge because of his total disregard for even easily verified facts.


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        3. Flexible? Is that how you spin Trump’s reneging on a done deal because he is not man enough to stand up to Ann Coulter?

          You failed to substantiate the supposed bias in the article with the silly claim that EVERYONE other than you is living in a bubble. In fact, the Democrats ARE resurgent and Trump himself bragged about how stubborn he would be on this WALL and how proud to shut down the government.


  1. The GOP is the party of the KKK and has been for about six decades. That is the simple truth of the matter.

    As for the silly sexist comment about the ladies in white, do any of them match the gross corpulence of Mr. Trump? But, typical Trumpist response – Have no answer for the message, attack the messenger in personal and irrelevant ways.

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