5 thoughts on “Our healthcare system is at best a mess

  1. If someone drew up a healthcare system like we have in America he would be laughed out of the room.

    Hundreds of insurance companies, millions of indecipherable codes, secret prices for hospitals, networks that change every year, surprise bills for care, annual drug costs that rival home prices…

    And all this for the paltry price of about 35% of the median income for a family of four.

    And that is just for insurance premiums, never mind copays and deductibles. Oh, and don’t forget the 3 percent already being deducted for Medicare. And another 15% for Social Security.

    And we are the only advanced country with decreasing lifespans and 10’s of millions with no insurance.

    And conservatives are aghast at the push for universal healthcare via Medicare for all. Gee, what did they expect?

    The “let them eat cake crowd” that surfaced during the shutdown has not a clue what the vast majority of Americans are up against even in a “booming” economy for the last year or so.



    1. The problem is that we have a healthcare ‘system’ when what need is a healthcare market.

      Everything we get from markets is abundant and increases in value over time. only those things provided by ‘systems’ get scarce and expensive.


      1. Is there a nation in the world that has a free market in healthcare, but everyone has affordable access to it?

        I am thinking Switzerland might be closest. But health insurance in mandatory for all citizens to obtain.


      2. And how again is that miracle healthcare market going to deal with people who cannot pay? Just let them wither and die? Only in the dog eat dog society of your Libertarian Ayn Rand dreams is that even hypothetically acceptable.


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