January 27, 2019

Slow news day

4 thoughts on “January 27, 2019

  1. RE: “Slow news day”

    So it would seem. I wonder if the media is feeling a bit gun-shy after its recent embarrassments.

    Separately, the contributors to The Pilot’s commenting feature appear to have acclimated to the new rules with little difficulty. This has been a very sad thing to watch.

    I began commenting at The Pilot just after the last big policy change which implemented the “real names” rule. I thought perhaps the editors were going to try to make something useful out of the forum, but they never policed the comments, which ruined any potential it might have had.


    1. _RE: “Hasn’t the president been uncharacteristically quiet since he reopened the government?”

      I suppose it depends how such things are measured. He’s been as active as usual on Twitter, I’d say.


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