Transgender in the military?

Yet another article that allows no comments at the Pilot.

5 thoughts on “Transgender in the military?

  1. If Transgender persons have a “right” to serve in the military, then why not asthmatics?

    At one point in my life, I very much wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force. But I was turned down because I had asthma up until the age of 14. I was told I could not be a pilot because there was an increased likelihood the asthma would come back later in life(it did) and I would be a burden on the service with increased medical costs and doubtful deployability.

    Without judgment on the underlying issue of transgender choices or nature, the same is true of transgender persons. They incur higher than average medical costs both during service and as veterans, placing extraordinarily high medical costs on the system.

    Military service is just that. Service.

    The good of the military must come ahead of the ambitions of transgender persons and asthmatics. It’s not about sexual freedom, it’s about costs.

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