Can kicked three weeks down the road


5 thoughts on “Can kicked three weeks down the road

  1. Hopefully the affected employees will make preparations for a repeat in three weeks. that will last long time, unless the Democrats will follow the recommendations of the Border Patrol professionals instead of the political advisers.


    1. No reason to follow fictitious or at best cherry picked advice. And, as Ronald Reagan proclaimed – We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Hostage taking is a form of terrorism. Rewarding such behavior should never be done. As for being an Pelosi being an ass, have you no sense of irony? You support a monumental and unrelenting ass.

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  2. Well, that didn’t take long. Pelosi is on TV being an absolute ass about the deal, almost ensuring the shutdown will resume in 3 weeks and last until either she or Trump dies.


    1. What did she say?

      All I read was “one step at a time” when asked about wall funding.

      As an aside, I think the Super Bowl was the reason for reopening the government. Apparently Atlanta’s airport was have serious problems with lack of personnel and the crowds next weekend would make a true mess of things. The American sports fans are not to be trifled with.

      An observation laced with a touch of irony:

      “I will be proud to shut down the government…”

      “I am proud to announce the government will reopen…”

      Pride comes before the fall. Or some such thing.


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