Signs of independence from Luria?

I am pleasantly surprised.

9 thoughts on “Signs of independence from Luria?

  1. Since Trump refuses to negotiate in lieu of extortion, perhaps the better person needed to make an offer.

    Just to save time, Trump’s DACA “offer” was bogus. It was for half the number of immigrants he acquiesced to a year ago when he shut the program down.


    1. If President Trump’s offer was not enough, the proper response from Speaker Pelosi was a counter offer, not a flat rejection of any compromise.

      Pelosi’s position is that after Trump surrenders unconditionally, there can be talks. That’s not negotiation. Hopefully Luria and her friends understand give and take.

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      1. Trump offered nothing. DACA “offer” was less than the original and wall funding was the same.

        The ball is in Trump’s court since Congress already passed what they were willing to fund.

        Now if Trump had offered to protect DACA with residency for all 1.7 million and a path to citizenship I would bet that the 5.7 billion would be a done deal in 24 hours.

        That would satisfy most his core except Steve Miller and Ann Coulter. A good deal.

        Trading his “crisis” at the border for the urgent humanitarian crisis of settling an issue for people who are as American as you or I.


          1. Trump’s bargaining position is on the backs of millions of American workers, business owners, farmers. So Trumpian. Unpaid vendors and contractors were told to settle for less or sue. Trouble was that it could take years to get a court date in NY.

            That is not negotiating. That is extortion plain and simple.


          2. “Trump’s bargaining position is on the backs of millions of American workers, business owners, farmers.”

            I could write exactly the same thing substituting Pelosi for Trump.

            The experts in the Border Patrol, both current and Obama’s, have said a wall is needed in select locations. That is what Trump is asking for, not coast-to-coast. No wall at all is NOT a reasonable position in defiance of the experts.

            This is not about what is good for the country, it is about Pelosi trying to deny Trump a campaign promise in hopes it will give Democrats and advantage as it did when the Elder Bush was tricked into breaking his no-new-taxes pledge in return for promised later spending cuts AFTER he gave the Dems the tax increase they wanted. Of course, they never delivered on that promise.

            In perspective, this is the equivalent of a family with a $45,000 income in which the wife refuses to pay the mortgage because the husband wants to spend $50 on a fishing rod.

            We can afford to give the Border Patrol what it asked for a lot better than keeping parts of the government on hold.

            Why do you think Pelosi knows what is needed at the border better than the current and past Border Patrol chiefs? She doesn’t. It’s all a political play.

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  2. Well let Trump make a counter-offer to the funding bill. DACA would do it I am sure. But he hasn’t budged.

    Let’s see what Luria’s proposal does.


  3. Luria’s proposal repeats Pelosi’s demand for opening the government as a prerequisite for any other action on the border issue. It is therefore not a serious proposal for ending the impasse.

    The proposal does, however, signal a shift in Democrat tactics. We should watch for them to play up furloughed federal workers as victims over the next few news cycles.

    If the administration is on its game, it is already collecting the workforce metrics and management reports that furloughs require by law.


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