American Thinker: Another ‘undeclared’ missile base found in North Korea

The Pilot doesn’t appear to be reporting on this at the moment. The story broke at MSNBC early this morning.

6 thoughts on “American Thinker: Another ‘undeclared’ missile base found in North Korea

  1. I’m beginning to think Tronc, formerly known as Tribune Publishing, has to approve what the V-P prints – other than the local-yokel news that they repeat for three days. The V-P seems to be populated with a staff of cub reporters that are only in the region long enough to complete their internship before they move on to the more significant markets in which Tronc participates. While many of the readers of the V-P are disappointed in content, I have always thought they a have greater plan for HR. They also own The Daily Press and even the twice weekly Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg,York & James City, New Kent Co. and West Point). I’m talking about a comprehensive regional printed newspaper covering all of Hampton Roads serving a combined population of >1.7 million. The conglomerate could be the linchpin to developing a deeper regional identification, locality cooperation, promote locality familiarity and even knit together a more robust economy. Using the new Ikea, as an example, I believe one stop advertising in a paper that transcends the natural geographic barriers of the area from Currituck to Gloucester to Williamsburg, along with the metro areas will cover a large part of their customer demographic.


    1. _RE: “I have always thought they a have greater plan for HR.”

      Interesting speculation. A regional newspaper would certainly be consistent with The Pilot’s perennial push for regionalism.


  2. I’m not convinced discovery of the undeclared facility is all that worrisome. As the AT piece says, “It’s unlikely that any missile base of that size and importance is unknown to US intelligence. So while that base, and others, might be ‘undisclosed’ to the press, Donald Trump and the Pentagon are almost certainly fully aware of them.”

    It is, however, frustrating to be unable to judge the president’s progress, or lack of it, with North Korea because the negotiation is a work in progress and details are few. I’m keeping a “no news is good news” open mind for the time being.


  3. The Pilot just reported the news, with an erroneous headline suggesting more than one undeclared missile base has just been discovered.


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