Nothing in the Pilot worthy of comment?

With all that is going on in the nation and  world, the “Breaking News” in the Pilot is about taxidermy and an elderly transgender person who wants the taxpayers to fund reassignment surgery.  These articles are 2 days old, but the articles on the Buzzfeed fiasco and the President’s offer of compromise disappear in hours.

The Pilot is really swirling around the drain.

6 thoughts on “Nothing in the Pilot worthy of comment?

  1. Thin gruel, indeed.
    “Breaking” news articles sit on the pages well into the late stages of rigor mortis.
    And those “Photo Stories,” while initially interesting and nice to look at, have been sitting there and putrefying since their original publication dates: December 31 and January 3.
    Time to find an indoor hobby to substitute for the time I used to put into reading Virginian-Pilot.


  2. It is way too soon to write The Pilot’s obituary. The new owner, Tronc, has barely had time to shape the operation, much less establish a productive corporate culture to its liking.

    Interestingly, we, the public, have direct visibility into one of The Pilot’s significant management controls. That would be the commenting feature, which is valuable for audience analysis. If we can figure out how it is being used, and what to make of the data it provides, it’ll be like looking over management’s shoulder as it makes content and strategic decisions.

    One thing we have learned so far is that The Pilot violates its own standard to restrict commenting on syndicated content. We should be able to figure out if there is method to their madness in this.

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