President Trump offers compromise, Pelosi rejects, tipping her hand.

Pelosi makes it clear she only wants to win out of spite and will throw the Dreamers under the bus to do it. That’s going to cost the Democratic party for decades.

25 thoughts on “President Trump offers compromise, Pelosi rejects, tipping her hand.

  1. Pelosi has accomplished the seemingly impossible. She has thrown away the Hispanic vote out of her blind hatred for President Trump.

    President Trump is playing her like a fiddle. She has made Trump the adult in the room.

    Democrats would be wise to reconsider that speakership vote.

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    1. You Trump enthusiasts need to find your spin somewhere else. The “compromise” was a non-starter from the getgo. A rehash of the same childish demand with nothing of substance on the other side.

      The Dreamers need real and PERMANENT help because Trump arbitrarily ended the status that they had under DACA – an Obama Executive Order which survived Constitutional challenge by the anti-brown-people party. His proposed three year moratorium on making their lives hell is an insult.

      The so-called “adult in the room” spent at least half of his valuable screen time spouting fear-mongering nonsense and lies almost totally unrelated to the issue at hand – the government is closed and the economy is suffering. And this “adult” referred to the overwhelming majority of Americans as the “radical left” and once again assault the imaginary call for “open borders.” His logic was laughable throughout. For example, no matter what “some say” the Wall will NOT cut our crime rate and drug problem in half almost immediately” as he tried to claim.


  2. Shumer & Pelosi refusing to strike a compromise with the Administration are pushing moderate democratic Americans over the “political fence” to the Republican side. Speaker Pelosi’s failure to recognize the Trump method of negotiation, prolongs the hardships of the shutdown. President Trump offering the compromise of temporary protection for DACA was meant to let the Dems save face and respond with their demand of full DACA protection with a streamlined path to citizenship. The President would have accepted those terms, which would have immediately put the government back to work, protected our border and allowed the millions of responsible undocummented individuals that live, work and pay taxes in the U.S., an opportunity to become legal U.S. citizens.

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    1. I think you are forgetting the power of Coulter and Company…Trump’s Rasputin.

      Why do think Trump didn’t offer full DACA and TPS? Now that would have put pressure on Pelosi. This temporary protection just kicks the can past the 2020 election.

      And the irony is that even this “counter offer” is what we essentially have now pending court decisions and he still incurred the wrath of the blonde flamethrower.

      I am not impressed by his negotiating skills.



      1. “Why do think Trump didn’t offer full DACA and TPS?”

        Because that’s not how negotiation works. To do so would have been doing Pelosi’s negotiation for her.

        President Trump opened the door with a 3 year DACA, but instead of Pelosi asking for a permanent deal, she rejected all possibilities out of hand.

        Vice President Pence reported this morning(FOX News Sunday) that at the meeting Trump walked out on, he asked Pelosi if he reopened government for 30 days, and gave the Democrats what they asked on DACA, would she allow a floor vote in funding for new segments of the wall, and she said ‘no.’

        She is not negotiating, she is waiting for surrender, and throwing her party, the Dreamers, and Federal workers under the bus for her own vanity. She wants surrender, not a deal and she doens’t care who suffers or how long in order to get her victory lap.

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        1. Real negotiations are not in the media. Pelosi warned Trump in that televised fiasco before the shutdown.

          Trump walked out of a private meeting. Who is not negotiating?

          Trump’s a showman and hard to be that in a private session.

          Just like you have said in the past with talking to world leaders. That is why I think the “leaks” of some of Trump’s calls to world leaders were directed by him.


      2. “This temporary protection just kicks the can past the 2020 election”. I don’t believe that either side wants the DACA issue to be a contentious point for 2020. Your admission of not being impressed with his negotiating skills signals a fundamental lack of knowledge of compromise. As you refer to “his counter-offer” underscores that lack of knowledge as there first must be an offer in order to have have a counter offer.

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        1. How many high level negotiations take place in public and the media?

          A private phone call to Pelosi could be a lot more effective than laying all cards on the table. Both sides have people to please and a certain amount of face to save.

          I’ll bet Trump didn’t negotiate real estate deals in public and the press.

          But he insists on doing that here. Pelosi warned him that in that first meeting with Schumer and Pence.

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        2. How many high level negotiations take place in public and the media?

          A private phone call to Pelosi could be a lot more effective than laying all cards on the table. Both sides have people to please.

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  3. Democrats want a permanent solution to DACA. A humane resolution for less than 1/10th of 1 percent of our population who are as American as anyone else but for actual birthplace.

    Trump reversed his position a year ago when Miller, whispered in his ear. So essentially Trump has not offered anything.

    And now that Coulter is calling Trump a wimp again, he will probably withdraw this so called “compromise” too so he can look tough for her. My guess of course.

    Meanwhile the Democrats have added another billion to ther bill for border security and more judges. And they are sending this to McConnell-Trump, LLC.

    We need comprehensive immigration reform, period. The GOP has resisted that for years. So we fight over Fence v. Wall. And millions of men and women cheaply process our foods, repair our homes and mow our lawns with few, if any, protections.

    I guess we Americans like that arrangement. Low cost labor and a convenient scapegoat for Republicans at election time. A twofer.

    This is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of the management.

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  4. Once again Don has it backwards reflecting his loyalties and news sources. Compromises have been offered — that is what democrats do but Trump is listening to Hannity and scraping for ratings at the expense of federal employees and those they serve and of basic human rights on our border and within. As ever, I agree with Len Rothman’s wise analysis.

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      1. “Legislation the Democratic-led House passed Jan. 3, with five Republicans voting in favor, would have devoted $1.3 billion for fencing and more for border security. The bill would have funded the Department of Homeland Security at current spending levels through Feb. 8 – but it would include no funding for Trump’s border wall, which is at the heart of the current government shutdown.”

        That is a lot of fencing. I would consider fencing to be a barrier. It works pretty well around most prisons.

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        1. Prisons have guard towers in range of the fence and will shoot people trying to cut through. Is that how you want the border defended?

          What is needed in critical areas is a wall that will withstand assault unattended for a reasonable lenght of time.

          Again, President Trump is not asking for a 1200 mile wall, he wants the recommendations of the Border Patrol followed, and that includes surveillance and interception in some places, fences in others and in select places, a wall.

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          1. “Prisons have guard towers in range of the fence and will shoot people trying to cut through. Is that how you want the border defended?”

            Another example of the laughable arguments on display. A section of “WALL” is just as vulnerable to being crossed as is a section of “FENCE” when it is not under observation. Common sense has to be thrown under the bus to be a Trump enthusiast.


  5. We know what Trump wants. We don’t know what Pelosi wants. Why is she fighting for a take-it-or-leave-it proposition that has already been rejected?

    She must think the government shutdown is to her advantage, somehow.

    The shutdown impedes investigations and grand juries that are probing the SpyGate scandal, in which the Obama administration allegedly spied on the Trump campaign illegally. It also creates a news vacuum that journalists can fill as they wish, “a la” the Buzzfeed story.

    We learned through leaks this past week that the FBI had the Steele dossier material back in June of 2016, knew it was all fake, and used it anyway as an excuse to investigate candidate Trump, a discovery which implies that various senior FBI officials lied in Congressional testimony about the matter. (See Kimberley Strassel’s current “Potomac Watch” in The Wall Street Journal, if you have a subscription.)

    A government-wide shutdown is just the thing to distract public attention away from SpyGate, which is potentially explosive in a Constitutional crisis sort of way.

    On the other hand, Pelosi may simply be miscalculating that the shutdown is helping her.

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    1. Mr. Roberts, the so-called “Spygate Scandal” is 110% fiction. It is beyond dispute that the Trump campaign came under suspicion through the monitoring of Russian agents and officials. The Steele Dossier was NOT the first cause. Even so, with each passing day the accuracy of the Steele Dossier is even more evident.

      The fact – which hopefully someday you may be able to acknowledge – is that Trump is a life-long scofflaw, money launderer and criminal and to a near certainty is under the control of V. Putin through blackmail and threats.


      1. RE: “It is beyond dispute that the Trump campaign came under suspicion through the monitoring of Russian agents and officials.”

        Bruce Ohr’s Congressional testimony, parts of which leaked to the press this past week, suggests otherwise.

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        1. Only if someone WANTS it to suggest such nonsense. Ohr met with Steele on July 30, 2016. The FBI began looking into Russian efforts to co-op the Trump campaign much earlier based on reports of drunken claims by Papadoculous. And, it had been monitoring Carter Page and his activities with Russian gangsters for years before that. And, since we now know that the Dossier was packed with substantial and now proven assertions, ” “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

          And all of this cockamamie nonsense is in support of the crazy theory that the FBI was out to sabotage Trump’s campaign when as a matter of fact, they held mountains of damning material secret and publicly excoriated Clinton costing her the election and the country the Trump disaster that is still unfolding.


          1. Papadopolous had a conversation with the FBI in May of 2016 (the same month Bruce Ohr’s wife went to work for Fusion GPS), before the FBI became aware of the dossier, but both events preceded the FBI’s decision to start the “Crossfire Hurricane” probe on July 31, 2016. Plus, we now know from Ohr that the FBI has been lying about its knowledge of the dossier.

            I’d say its anyone’s guess whether Papadopolous or the dossier was the predicate for the FBI’s investigation. But that’s the issue, itself, isn’t it?

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          2. “That’s the issue, isn’t it?”

            No, the issue is not some minutia of how the FBI became aware that Trump was a traitor. The issue is, Trump IS a traitor and yet one of our two parties continues to not only protect him, but also does the bidding of his master as when they recently removed sanctions on the Russian oligarch who helped implement Putin’s takeover plan.


          3. You could perhaps make that case if you took Ohr’s stuff in isolation, but when you combine it with Peter Strzok and Lisa Pages communications, and Comey’s protection of Hillary Clinton, it is clear that elements within the FBI sought to influence the election, and later to sabotage the new administration.

            You are so deep into cognitive dissonance you will never see it but everyone outside the echo chamber gets it.

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    2. I read Strassel’s opinion column. It seemed to have a lot of subjective, but not necessarily substantive assertion by Bruce Ohr.

      “More important, Mr. Ohr told this team the information came from the Clinton camp and warned that it was likely biased, certainly unproven. “When I provided [the Steele information] to the FBI, I tried to be clear that this is source information,” he testified. “I don’t know how reliable it is. You’re going to have to check it out and be aware. These guys were hired by somebody relating to—who’s related to the Clinton campaign, and be aware.”

      Likely biased…unproven…I don’t know how reliable it is…check it out…be aware.

      Reasonable caveats with raw intel, but certainly not evidence of total fabrication or false information.

      Just a “heads up” to investigate further.

      I disagree with your assertion that they knew it was all fake.

      Also Ohr did not sit down with Steele until July 30…not June.

      Finally Papadopoulos himself was enough suspicion to investigate.

      That is my take on this.


      1. RE: “I disagree with your assertion that they knew it was all fake.”

        Fair enough. Perhaps you’ll at least agree that Ohr alerted his associates that the dossier was not suitable for use as justfication for getting a FISA warrant.

        _RE: “Also Ohr did not sit down with Steele until July 30…not June.” Meeting with Steele and having the dossier, or parts of it, in hand are two different things. Remember, Ohr’s wife went to work for Fusion GPS in May.

        _RE: “Finally Papadopoulos himself was enough suspicion to investigate.”

        That’s the story the FBI has been telling, which is now suspect because of the Ohr testimony leak.

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