President Trump stops overseas trip for Democrats during shutdown

If this shutdown is such a hardship, should not members of Congress stay in Washington until a solution is worked out?

13 thoughts on “President Trump stops overseas trip for Democrats during shutdown

  1. Funny? Maybe. But the President once again showing how childish and petty he is and doing so by illegally jeopardizing the security of a Congressional delegation is not really a laughing matter.


          1. No one can publicly disclose classified information. No One. And that includes the President. As I said, IF he and his subordinates wanted to leak classified information the legal process of de-classifying it is supposed to be done first.


  2. RE: “If this shutdown is such a hardship, should not members of Congress stay in Washington until a solution is worked out?”

    I wouldn’t hold the members of Congress to such a standard, although it’s as good as any. Let them do as they will. We will know them by their acts.

    By NOT authorizing the funding for the wall, I know that Congress doesn’t represent my interests.


  3. So, if everything you want done is not approved by Congress they do not represent your interests? That is the same childish self-centeredness that created the Trump Shutdown. And, by the way, the GOP controlled both houses of Congress for two years and would not fund this boondoggle. Why is it just now becoming such a grave issue? The answer is pretty obvious.

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  4. My statement was fair and accurate. The cloture rule can be killed at any time by the party that controls the Senate. The “nuclear option” has been used on appointments to SCOTUS, for example. If the GOP chose not to change it, that does not mean they do not control the Senate. They do.

    IF The Wall was really a matter of great urgency then the GOP in the House should have passed funding for it and put those Dems in the Senate on the spot. They didn’t. And we both know why. The Wall is a boondoggle and even the Republicans know it.

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    1. No, the wall, as requested by both the current Border Patrol Chief and the past chief under Obama, is not a boondoggle.

      In those selected locations, a barrier is necessary to prevent mass crossings that overwhelm border patrol personnel . In other areas, no barriers are needed due to terrain and still others the distance to transportation allows surveillance and interception to be enough.

      But President Trump’s current request follows that of the professionals who do the job, and is warranted.


      1. “What he meant, he says now, was a holistic approach to how immigrants come into the country, which would include a barrier, enhanced technology and more personnel, as well as more bed space in holding facilities, more immigration judges and aid to Central American countries to help them improve their quality of life.”

        That is known as immigration reform. Trump only wants his wall come hell or high water. Only recently has he changed from a 30 foot solid concrete wall from sea to shining sea.Just like he recently recanted that he never said Mexico should pay for the wall. Really? Negotiating with this president is like playing “whack a mole”.

        Democrats really don’t have a problem with border security despite the phony rhetoric from the right. That is why they are allocating about $1.7 billion and they have added another billion plus as of yesterday.


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