Pilot: Climate Forecast Predict Grim Future… Again


The Editors must know I am going duck hunting and won’t have time to properly gut this garbage until later, but for now, if they’re going to refer to “studies” they should at least provide a proper citation.

5 thoughts on “Pilot: Climate Forecast Predict Grim Future… Again

  1. There are a number of ways to cool the planet, if we decide we must. But instead of embracing them, much less reporting on them, The Pilot publishes fear porn on the topic of climate change.

    The options are education or fear. Positive, practical thinking or emotional hand wringing. The editors choose hand-wringing fear.


  2. It is uncertain which study the Pilot refers to, as it cites one recent and one from 2014, but the recent article, Cheng et al, makes claims of accuracy that are not possible. For a detailed discussion, see


    Deep ocean temperatures lag surface changes by hundreds of years, so changes below 75meters cannot possibly be due to recent increases in CO2, as they are an echo of cyclic changes that long predate the industrial age.

    Further, the loss of ice in the Antarctic is sea ice, not the grounded ice sheet. It is already floating and melting it does not raise sea level. The Ice sheet is still gaining mass.

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    1. While sea ice melting does not directly raise sea level the decrease in reflected sunlight does contribute to climate change..


      1. You’d think so, but it turns out to be nearly negligible. In the polar regions the angle of incidence is so low that the albedo of ice and open water aren’t all that different.

        Now, were that ice at the equator, it would be a big deal.

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