Pilot LTE:Shed no tears for public workers.


Layoffs and furloughs have been common in the private sector so why should government workers be different?

8 thoughts on “Pilot LTE:Shed no tears for public workers.

  1. We are supposed to be heartbroken because some government workers are missing a single paycheck, but considering that many of these workers were responsible for regulations that caused thousands of their fellow citizens to lose their jobs permanently, I find that compassion misplaced.

    Where was the compassion among these EPA and Dept of Interior workers when the Bundy family’s ranch was bankrupted to create a tortoise refuge(in mitigation for a Casino Resort being built for foreign cronies of Harry Reid?)

    Where was the protest when former President Obama boasted that he would put coal users out of business leaving their employees and miners permanently without jobs?

    The list could go on for pages, but the point is that no job is guaranteed to be continuous or permanent.People in the private sector have dealt with this forever, and perhaps government employees should start putting aside a little for rainy days like everyone else has to.


    1. If you’re going to select issues that simply provide a basis for libertarian rants against big government, free markets and the like this little “experiment” of yours is going to wither and die.

      “Whataboutisms” aside, holding the workers at fault for actions that may lead to industry disruption and job loss is pretty heartless (and mis-directed). And, while putting money aside as a rainy day fund is laudable some people struggle just to provide food and shelter and often can’t.

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      1. “If you’re going to select issues that simply provide”

        You have Author status, if you would like to see other topics addressed, feel free to add posts. That is the point of inviting contributors to have Author status, I don’t want this forum to only follow my interests, I want the community to determine what is discussed.


    2. Obama never made such a boast. You just made that up.

      And leave it to you to write sympathetically of the murderous armed hooligans refusing to follow the law and the rulings of the courts. We the people decide how to use public land and grazing your cattle on it is a privilege granted by contract and not some basic and inalienable right.


      1. The Bundys have been exonerated on all charges.

        The grazing rights they had used for generations were taken to mitigate damage done by a resort Casino being built by Harry Reid’s crony donors. We the people were not consulted.


  2. Really, how many of the 800,000 federal workers were responsible for regulations that may have affected employment in the private sector?

    How many of the government contractors did that? How many of the small businesses suffering did that also?

    The laws were passed by Congress and the agencies were saddled with the job of enforcing them. And most of the regulatory policies were crafted by senior officials making well into the six figures for years.

    Furthermore there are about half of those workers who are not furloughed but rather have to keep working without pay. How often does that happen in the private sector?

    It sounds like your beef is with the policy makers at cabinet levels and Congress. Feeling smug about the secretaries, janitors, TSA inspectors, Air Traffic Controllers, park rangers, IRS employees being unemployed or working long hours withou pay seems a bit off putting.

    The real travesty is that Trump is using paychecks of government employees, private contractors and their employees as well as thousands of small businesses to work a deal that makes him look good to his core. Yet it won’t affect border security for years down the road.

    If McConnell did his job he would make Trump veto the bill.



    1. It is certainly true that the janitors did not make the policies that harmed people in the private sector, but in wars, you don’t just shoot the generals(though that might be worth exploring.)

      The point is that within government there has been very little concern for the effects of policy on the private sector.

      But private sector employees have always been subject to layoffs and job losses due to decisions outside their control. You and I were in business, and we never had any guarantee that there would never be a lapse in demand for our services. We had to deal with it just as did our employees. Why should Federal employees alone be guaranteed there would never be an interruption in their paychecks.


  3. Nothing is guaranteed, true.

    Then those who are working without pay, the “essentials”, should be furloughed also. That means Border Patrol, TSA, Air Traffic Controllers, etc.

    That would put a lot more people in the economy at risk of course, but if a shutdown is going to be effective, let’s put the pressure on all of America.

    No flights, no border security, no prison guards…nothing.

    That would be like the private sector where no one works without pay.

    Of course that won’t happen, but if it were part of a true shutdown, you can bet this nonsense would not be a regular occurrence every time the Republicans don’t get what they want.

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