Texas landowners prepare to fight wall


Don’t mess with Texas. Environmental groups, landowning families going back 150 years or more and a Catholic Church are gearing up to defend their property from the federal government’s probable eminent domain actions.

Now we hear that Trump did not mean Mexico was really going pay for the wall after all, wink, wink, yet landowners would still “pay” dearly by losing their legacies going back generations.

This is a mess. If not giving Trump his wall is a “national crisis” necessitating a “national emergency”, what on earth is a real national crisis. Opioid deaths? Millions who still cannot afford access to decent healthcare? The student loan debt load? None of those seem to rise to the level of concrete versus fencing, personnel and technology.

And what about those families who are suffering serious blows to their finances and credit ratings or small businesses folding as side effects of the shutdown. There is a nice crisis.

Maybe that is the plan. Create a crisis for others so Trump can be the hero. Kind of like an arsonist starting a fire then calling the fire department.

10 thoughts on “Texas landowners prepare to fight wall

  1. The president’s psychology or executive style are immaterial to the wall issue. His appropriation request is reasonable, rational and costs so little it’s hardly worth arguing over. Congress should just approve it.

    The Senate tweeted out a brief video this morning that makes as good an argument as any for passing the appropriation:

    Why do we need border security? This is why. These are the facts.

    For a detailed, line-by-line analysis of Trumps’s speech on the subject, I recommend Stefan Molyneux’s longer video:

    The Truth About Trump’s Wall Speech

    The wall as proposed can’t hurt and will do some good. Pass the appropriation.

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  2. How is this different from eminent domain use for roads, power lines or pipelines we see around the country every day?

    As to whether there is a crisis on the border, ask former President Obama


    As it stands now, crossing the border is easy, and getting sent back, at least for women and children, is hard. That creates an incentive for poor people to try to get in illegally.

    Legally, this is called ‘maintaining an attractive nuisance,’ much like if you have a swimming pool without a secure fence. You are liable if a child sneaks in and drowns even though you did not give permission. The crisis on the border is the result of the interference in enforcement of our laws and the failure to secure the border, just as much as if those people were baited into a trap.


    1. There is a difference between “a crisis at the border”, (if there really is one) and a national emergency.

      When the hurricanes his Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico, those were crises. But they did not need a declaration of a national emergency. And that is what Trump is going to do… if he is not lying again.

      This is all about Trump trying to save face and blame others for his mistakes.

      Same poop different day.

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      1. I read the transcript of the Hannity/Trump interview. It was a complete nonsesnical embarrassment. Trump could not explain what he wanted or why it was worthy of a government shutdown. Most of what he spouted sounds like ravings from a deranged person. I don’t blame landowners for being angary that the existence will be upended for no good reason.

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    2. Even if one was to accept your convoluted logic (attractive nuisance?), a “wall” is not the most effective approach. More judges, more boarder patrol and more and better technology would be a much better use of the billions of dollars asked for.

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      1. Only a portion of the funds the President has asked for goes to the physical wall. Much of it goes to exactly those things you suggest.

        But the fact remains that both current and Obama era Border Patrol Chief’s support adding more segments of wall in select areas where there are population centers and access to transportation. I will trust their judgment and not that of politicians motivated solely by embarrassing President Trump.


      2. More segments in selected areas, as requested by those with boots on the ground should certainly be part of the overall strategy. I believe if it had been framed as such by our sitting president from the beginning we would not be in this infantile stalemate.

        PS, I hate the fact I can’t edit a post I’ve screwed up or been “spell checked” into incoherence.

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        1. You should be able to edit your own posts. I don’t see the same screen you do but there should be an edit link next to the date. If there isn’t let me know through the contact page and I will see if there is a tweak.


    3. How is this different from eminent domain use for roads?

      It is different because it is in response to a fake crisis. It is also different because it is about to be undertaken by a President who will ignore the authority of the Congress to appropriate money.


  3. Most Democrats, if not all, agree that we need border security. That is not the issue. And even shoring up about 700 miles of existing walls is not a problem.

    We have a balance of power in the federal government. Or at least that is the concept from 1784.

    Trump wants to usurp that. And that is fine, that is his desire. Yet Congress is the people’s part of the government and it needs to be heard. And respected as a co-equal in governance.

    Trump refuses to accept that. I know you don’t agree on this, but the bipartisan deal offered a year ago gave Trump a win on DACA and full funding for the wall. It did not address the other, relatively minor, issues about existing immigration policies on the lottery and families. Relatively minor because they could be dealt with in a more serious overhaul of immigration law that we still seriously need.

    He wanted everything, but more importantly, he reneged in the face of Congress. Told them he changed his mind and to go to hell, effectively. And this was a Republican Congress.

    Now, how much more abuse does Congress have to take? And why?

    McConnell is playing Trump’s water boy. If he had any stones, he would pass on the bill and let Trump execute the veto. It was the bill both houses passed before so it should be a no-brainer.

    Trump screwed up. He painted himself into the corner with his ridiculous rally cry of a wall fully paid for by Mexico. About which, incidentally, he is currently lying when he says that he did not say that. Forget the NAFTA name change which, if anything, would still make Americans pay for the wall through higher prices for goods.

    Politics is not just about saving face. It is about compromise, negotiating in good faith and recognizing that there are other Americans other than the president.

    Trump, in my opinion, cares not one whit about any of those.

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