Trump’s extortion of Americans

Trump has been trying to frame this debate around either a wall or no border security at all. That, of course is a total lie.

The Democrats have been funding, or agreeing to fund, border security for years. Just not a wall in the most literal, expensive and intrusive sense.

There was a bipartisan offer of $25 Billion along with a DACA resolution early last year, and Trump changed his mind. Meaning, of course, that he cannot be relied on to negotiate in good faith.

So now the offer from the Democrats is more border security funding, $1.7 billion or so, and that is not enough for Trump. As a matter of fact, the issue is not really about border security but rather a technicality of how such security is effected.

Technology and personnel is what the majority of the border agents want. And if the front lines say that will work better than just a wall that will take years, or even a decade to build, then let’s take them at their word.

So it comes down to assuaging a mercurial and unreliable president about his key campaign promise that was never anything more than a slogan. I say no more funding for the wall and put the pressure on McConnell to send a bill to the president so the Congress can override the veto.

As an aside, if the president keeps the government shut down, in my opinion he is not executing the laws of the nation nor being an effective administrator of the government. Both of those fall into the realm of “high crimes and misdemeanors”. His actions are damaging the financial security of millions, which includes government employees, private contractors’ employees and small businesses that depend upon income from catering to both.

In other words, he is creating a true crisis by his own inexcusable actions to soothe his ego.

15 thoughts on “Trump’s extortion of Americans

  1. “The Democrats have been funding, or agreeing to fund, border security for years. Just not a wall in the most literal, expensive and intrusive sense.”

    But the thing is that in some locations a wall in the most literal sense is exactly what is needed.

    President Obama’s border patrol chief agrees

    In most locations, where the border crosses almost inaccessible areas, monitoring with automated equipment can detect crossers and they can be intercepted.

    But in areas where there is a population center on the Mexican side of the border and access to rapid transportation on our side, a wall is the only way to stop crossers from coming across and disappearing into the country before they can be intercepted is a literal wall.

    That’s what the border patrol professionals, including Obama’s, are calling for and we must defer to their judgment..

    Pelosi’s position is no wall anywhere.

    That is irrational and purely partisan.

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    1. “Pelosi’s position is no wall anywhere”

      That is manifestly untrue. And, since you seem to be ignorant of the facts, we already have physical border barriers along the kind of populated areas that you describe – almost 700 miles worth.

      I had hoped you would try to clean up your act since you are hosting this forum. My bad. But that expectation was pretty unrealistic because so little of what Trump and his enthusiasts stand for is actually supported by facts or evidence.

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      1. Again, both the current head of the border patrol, and the former head under Obama, want more areas protected by a wall.

        I’ll accept the judgment of those who actually defend the border over yours or Pelosi’s.

        It might be fun for President Trump to come out strongly against cannibalism just to watch the Democrats eat each other in defiance.


      2. Nice dodge but your statement about Pelosi’s position was not truthful. And you continue to beat up the straw man that it established. Neither Pelosi, myself nor Democrats in general oppose new or better physical barriers in places where the pros say they would be useful. But with 700 miles already covered there are few, if any, such places left.

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      3. “But with 700 miles already covered there are few, if any, such places left.”

        Again, your argument is not with me but with the border patrol professionals who are on record supporting more wall segments, particularly near McAllan TX.

        “Mark Morgan, the Obama administration chief of the U.S. Border Patrol who was fired one day after President Donald Trump took office, went public on Tuesday with a message that may surprise the White House: he supports Mr. Trump and his efforts to get funding for a border wall.

        “I’m here today breaking my silence to tell the American people that the president is correct in what he’s doing,” Morgan said in an interview with the Law & Crime Network. “The wall works.”

        When he was still running the Border Patrol, Morgan referred to the needs at the border as a “fence.” He told a Senate committee in November 2016, “Do we need more fencing? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Do we need it everywhere? No. Is it the sole answer? No.” Morgan again said on Tuesday that a physical barrier is not the whole answer and is not needed along the entire border, but it is significant.”


        1. You continue to ignore the fact that the Democrats are completely on board with new and improved barriers where they are needed. Trump promise a concrete, beautiful WALL extending along the entire border – a totally stupid and racist idea. He had control of the Congress for two years and could not get it funded.

          So, here we are. The Senate already approved by unanimous voice vote a bi-partisan compromise that Trump signaled he would sign. It included more than a billion for enhanced border security measures like you are pretending the Democrats won’t support. So why the impasse now? ENTIRELY because Rush Limbaugh and some Fox commentators trashed what Trump had agreed and he is took weak-willed to keep his word.

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  2. Agreed. But that is not what Trump has promised or demanding.

    He promised a full wall, concrete, and that Mexico will pay for all of it.

    Pelosi is saying we have enough wall, and will pay for more border security.

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  3. RE: “he is creating a true crisis by his own inexcusable actions to soothe his ego.”

    That strikes me as farfetched. The president requested a budget with a %5.6 billion appropriation to build his wall. He had every right to make the request, but no bill has emerged from Congress to fulfill it.

    The same thing happened with the DACA resolution last year. He requested a bill that contained several specific requests, but no bill addressing them was ever offered.

    Under the circumstances, veto threats and refusing to negotiate are entirely appropriate. The president has no other reasonable options.

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    1. “But Democrats balked, demanding that the White House provide a pathway to citizenship to 1.8 million young immigrants eligible under the DACA program, those sources said. The White House might have been open to negotiating further, but Democrats were only willing to entertain the massive wall funding figure in exchange for helping the same number of immigrants that Trump embraced in a proposal earlier this year.” Politico 3/19/18

      So who is the obstacle to compromise?

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      1. _RE: “So who is the obstacle to compromise?”

        Last March the president said he would sign any bill Congress came up with that included an end to the visa lottery program, an end to birthright citizenship, and one or two other specific provisions. Congress acted in bad faith by offering a solution that included none of those things, just as the Democrats now are acting in bad faith by refusing to fund the wall.

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    2. Just because a president requests something does not mean Congress has to approve it. The bipartisan bill a year ago gave the president full funding for the wall and a resolution to DACA. The other requests should have been negotiated later in a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

      Congress has been all Republican for 6 years as has the entire government for the last 2. And just now we are supposed to blame the Democrats for the shutdown?

      The wall has become way overblown to its actual value. Except, of course, to Trump himself.

      As The Rolling Stones sang: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Time to reopen the government as the “bigger” man and start negotiations for a full and comprehensive bill on immigration.

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      1. RE: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

        True. But that works both ways. I want Congress to give the president what he asks for because the request is reasonable and rational.


  4. I understand.

    We disagree, but what else is new?

    Besides, no fun in debating someone who agrees with me.

    PS: for some reason I cannot reply directly to your post if it is a reply to one of mine. I might check with Don and see what is up. WordPress is brand new to me and has an obvious learning curve…that, and I am a slow learner.

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    1. RE: “for some reason I cannot reply directly to your post if it is a reply to one of mine.”

      The standard WordPress forum only allows responses to go three levels deep. I’m don’t know if the administrator can change the setting. A solution is to reply to an earlier post in the thread, as new posts always go to the bottom within the current chain.


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