Presidential Address, Democrat Response

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14 thoughts on “Presidential Address, Democrat Response

    1. I think the calling out of lies and the listing of actual crises by Senator Sanders hits it pretty straight on — better than Pelosi and Schumer.


  1. Trump doesn’t need to be fact-checked when he sticks to the script. He did a good job tonight.

    Schumer and Pelosi, on the other hand: I’m thinking they want a do-over. Their appearance will be parodied for years.

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    1. I guess we all see what we want to see. Trump was wooden and generally awful. IMHO. Looking and sounding Presidential is just not his thing. And, as a matter of fact the script that Trump read from was packed with lies, distortions and irrelevant anecdotal barbarity that is NOT an honest representation of the people coming here to seek work.

      The nation does have crisis on its hands. It is not at the Southern border. It is in the White House.

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  2. Leaving aside Trump’s fabrications and exaggerations, as well as, Chuck and Nancy’s take on American Gothic there wasn’t much “news” in a wasted 9 minutes. I did hear an offer to negotiate from the Dems and hope the Senate takes them up on that. Trump should have taken the “Dreamers” deal when it offered; I feel for those being impacted by the shutdown.


    1. Specifically what ‘fabrications and exaggerations?’

      I heard no offer of negotiations, only a willingness to accept surrender one step at a time.

      One of the principles of negotiation is that you must be willing to walk away from a bad deal.

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      1. That’s not a response. Pelosi and Schummer’s statements did not expose any ‘fabrications or exaggerations’ they just changed the subject.

        The call to end the shutdown and then negotiate on border security is a sham. In English what it means is “give in and then wait for us to negotiate in good faith after you have no power to negotiate.” It calls to mind the way the Elder Bush was tricked into breaking his ‘No new taxes’ pledge with a promise of 2 for 1 spending cuts to be negotiated later. He took the bait and, of course, the spending cuts were never made. Bush became a one-term President.

        As soon as the shutdown ends, Trump has no power to negotiate. If the Democrats want to pass separate bills, Trump should sign the one paying DHS and Dept of Justice and let those others remain unfunded as long as it takes.

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      2. RE: “One of the principles of negotiation is that you must be willing to walk away from a bad deal.”

        That, of course, is the hand the Democrats are playing. They must figure it is worth it to them to risk being blamed for the shutdown.

        The strategy doesn’t seem very smart to me, unless the larger game is about something other than the wall.

        The public will quickly tire of talking heads in the media obsessing over the shutdown and saying stupid things about it. Frustrated voters will say, “Give him the damn wall, and get back to work!”


      3. The whole notion that we are now confronted with a crisis on the Southern border is – to be polite – a total fabrication.

        A bad deal? Trump thought it was a good deal and had agreed until Rush Limbaugh told him otherwise and he did a 180. Another principle of negotiation is that negotiating with someone who will not deliver on what is agreed is a total waste of time.

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      4. Having a different opinion than you or defining a crisis differently does not constitute a lie or fabrication.

        Asylum seekers, especially families, are showing up in excess of our ability to process them, creating a lawless backlog that is most certainly a crisis.

        This is not the Pilot forum, we are trying for a more civil discourse here, please guide yourself accordingly.


  3. I was hoping the president would say or do something bold, but I’m OK that he didn’t. The border wall proposal he made is, in its details, rational and reasonable, leaving his opponents with no position to defend within the boundaries of common sense. This will become obvious in the course of public discussion when, for example, critics argue that “walls don’t work.” We all know that they do.


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