Ocasio-Cortez alleges President Trump is a racist

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23 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez alleges President Trump is a racist

    1. Well, as I was saying in my comment elsewhere in this thread, there’s racism in the heart, the kind that involves revulsion at other humans, and then there are concrete actions (like birtherism promotion) that may not be “racism” in the heart but that are certainly a problem (and that can be outright evil, as birtherism was). I think that distinction matters here.

      I haven’t looked up precisely what AOC charged against the president. But when it comes to the charge of exploiting race resentments for political gain, she has nothing to apologize for–whereas Mr. Trump and his defenders have plenty.

      Dr. Tabor’s Snopes article, by the way, cites another Snopes article. It traces charges of “racism” against Mr. Trump all the way back to 1973. Again, may not be “racism” in the heart, but even if not, so what?


    2. We have always had loose cannons in both parties. “Impeach the ********” and now this. Makes one wonder if they realize the damage they are doing to the Democrats by giving the Republicans ammunition for distractions.

      However, I think the incredible lack of civility, building for a while, in political discourse was definitely given an boost by Trump himself. After all, if the president can call people names and make outrageous accusations often based on no evidence or facts, then why not others?

      I disagree, of course, and think that, as Michelle Obama once suggested, “when they go low, we go high”.

      But that is probably wishful thinking.


      1. Before Mr. Rothman posted, but after the rest of us did, I happened to see on TV the excerpt from yesterday’s interview when AOC, in response to questions, made the statements that the White House is trying, dishonestly, to twist. Mr. Rothman, I dispute the notion that what she said was equivalent to that vulgar exclamation by another new Congresswoman. Apples and oranges. The question of Mr. Trump’s exploitation of race resentments is legit–whether or not classified as a “racism” question. AOC answered honestly and civilly. She has nothing to take back and nothing to apologize for, whereas that other woman does.

        Maybe someone will find a transcript of that short exchange, or make a transcript, and post it. It always helps for all to focus on zackly what we’re talking about.


    3. You have not idea what I am trying to say? Really? What is the opposite of “unjustified?” That really too hard to parse? Okay, I will be more direct . . .

      I am saying that accusing AOC of being unjustified in her remarks is just some more of your familiar Stalinist disregard for the truth. If Trump is not personally a racist, he is even worse since he cynically encourages it in others and deliberately plays such people for political advantage.


  1. “Ocasio-Cortez alleges President Trump is a racist.” And I’ll bet he’s not, not in the sense of being revulsed viscerally at the sight or thought of a fellow human from another race.

    But so what? What’s lurking or not lurking in his heart or gut matters, but not as much as what he concretely DOES. And what he does is cynically and extensively exploit race resentments for political gain.

    Does that make him a “racist”? Maybe not. Does it make him something else that’s closely enough akin to bein a “racist” to matter profoundly? Obviously.

    Trump defenders will try to hide in the semantics here. Some of them will even drag in that preposterous snowflake whining that somehow transforms angry white guys into the actual victims of “racism.” Boodeehoohoo.

    But that’s all just noise. When Donald Trump deliberately embarked on his five-year lie campaign to persuade race-resenting gullibles that their then-president wasn’t even an American–the filthy campaign on which he eventually built his own political career–he revealed to the world where he actually stands on “racism.” He told the world in actuality, concretely–whatever is to be said about what’s in his heart.

    Others will itemize his other related actual, concrete actions. They’ll have a lot to work with.


    1. I believe it’s even more basic than general racism. Trump simply thinks of ALL other humans as inferior and frames his comments about them accordingly.

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      1. Though I think Trump is a racist and misogynist, I agree that his socoipathic tendency is to see everyone as inferior and either useful to himself or not.


      2. “Trump simply thinks of ALL other……” You would have to have the power of mind reading for this claim to have ANY meaning.


  2. The Pilot’s AOC story is a good example of yellow journalism:


    The story itself is hardly newsworthy beyond the low significance of celebrity gossip. It is dressed up with a dramatic photo and a theatrical headline. But, technically, the relevant facts could have been reported in a single sentence with a link to the video clip of the original content.

    Instead, the story is built out to be 750 words long, most of them staging, then validating, AOC’s racism charge.

    In other words, The Pilot uses the item to echo and amplify a “Trump = Racist” narrative that began with AOC’s “60 Minutes” interview.

    It is sorry work, but at least it demonstrates the mechanics of yellow journalism for those who wish to study them. A key point to notice: Comments are not allowed on the story because they are of no surveillance value to The Pilot in this case.

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      1. I pay attention to words, too, as in the president’s inaugural speech where he said, usefully: “It’s time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget, that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.”

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      2. At 1:18, the anonymous “Chesapean” quoted some nice words from the president’s “American carnage” inauguration speech, the speech that was followed by grotesquely false words about crowd size. Yes, I’m wantonly tossing in spin. But here’s something unspun: What about the president’s ACTIONS?

        Does the anonymous lady or gentleman have anything to say about
        * five years of birther lying with the concrete effect of corrupting public understanding,
        * breaking the open-housing laws to keep dark-skinned people out,
        * manufacturing false crises about non-existent southern-border-crossing “terrorists,” and
        * promoting vengeance against innocent black men in the Central Park case?

        The “American carnage” statement was a platitude. The things I’ve listed here took the form of words too, but with concrete effects.

        This debate is ludicrous. Maybe the president is not a racist like in a lynch mob. But he does what he does, and he does it in plain sight.

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    1. Chesapean – You need to get a grasp on the idea of “lip service.” Sure in some contexts Trump pays lip service to lots of things that people generally regard as good. But in reality what does he do? For starters, he builds a political base on the back of birtherism – the racist conspiracy theory nonsense that was totally discredited YEARS before he took up the cause. Then, of course, he launched his Presidential campaign with racist slanders directed at Mexican immigrants. There is obviously a lot more.


      1. RE: “You need…”

        Why? Because you say so?

        Instead of accusing me of being deficient in some manner that you perceive, how about addressing the point that a true racist wouldn’t even pay lip service to an egalitarian principle?

        This fallacy in itself is a good example of what it means to say there is no good reason to believe or assert that Trump is a racist.


      2. Chesapean

        Re: You need . . .

        People pay lip service to things they do not believe every day. It is actions that count and Trump’s actions are those of a racist. I named two very significant racist actions. I could name dozens more.


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