McAuliffe’s advice to Democrats

6 thoughts on “McAuliffe’s advice to Democrats

  1. McAuliffe’s desire to be relevant within the Democratic Party is obvious from this op-ed. He keenly avoided using any references to immigration, illegal aliens, border security or national security. As typical of the group that believes they can win in 2020 just by being against Trump’s intiatives; offers no alternative solution or compromise. Like it or not, border security and immigration will be among the top issues in the 2020 campaign. The Dems failure to meet these issues head-on is a disservice to their party. Even Shumer, Pelosi and President Obama, in the past, publicly have said our country needs to prevent thousands of undocumented illegals from pouring across our border.

    In a related matter, I’m thinking all sorts of reasons why the V-P did not enable the comments section for this particular op-ed?

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    1. The fact that the Pilot is picking and choosing what can be commented on is reason enough for this effort.

      The House has an opportunity to show that the DEMs have positions on important issues that need addressing and hopefully won’t squander it by focusing on the WH drama intended to do just that. We’ll see…


      1. I’m curious to know if the “Pilot Police” are logging in to Dr. Tabor’s site. Their practices, far left leaning positions and the not-much-substance newspaper are encouraging me to go elsewhere for intellectual stimulation.

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  2. McAuliffe’s ideas are small beer, mere tweeks in a system that is already collapsing.

    When we get to the other side of the Trump incumbency I think the country will be ready for some big beer, something on the scale of multiple Moon-landing projects in the spirit of JFK.

    To prepare, we should all be thinking about replacing our Federal Reserve-based financial system with a national bank under the control of the U.S. Treasury, and we should be thinking about huge infrastructure projects such a national bank might finance. My favorite idea along these lines is the construction of a space-based solar energy collector, but others come to mind:

    Space-based solar power

    North American Water and Power Alliance


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