Pilot LTE “Proud of Shutdown?”


4 thoughts on “Pilot LTE “Proud of Shutdown?”

  1. If President Trump caves on the shutdown, we will see nothing but short continuing resolutions, no real budget, and the constant threat of shutdowns to further the House Democrat’s agenda. Trump should stand fast as long as it takes.


    1. Given that people generally want serious border control, it’s a shame to see Trumpists become de facto open-borders advocates by joining the gangster demagogue’s wall-fence-slattedthing-barrier propaganda campaign. The president doesn’t actually want the wall-fence-slattedthing-barrier specifically any more than he actually wants serious border control generally. He just wants the propaganda benefits of the fake controversy. Those of us who truly don’t like open borders hope that Trumpists unwisely supporting the president’s phony posturing will stop.

      This message not paid for by Mexico.


    2. No matter what happens with the wall, we will still have just continuing resolutions like we have been having for years and years.

      Trump has really created a problem for himself and, more importantly, for millions of people and the nation. It is not just the government employees who have to juggle finances, run up loan fees, get behind on rent and other debts but an untold number of government contractors who will not get back pay. In addition many small businesses that cater to the government will suffer and even close. That happened in the last major shutdown the Republicans created in 2013. In the Freemason Area, a small mom and pop grocery store folded because they had a good portion of their business doing take out lunches for NOAA and other government agencies in the Downtown area.

      In other words, Trump is trying to save face on the backs of other Americans, mostly middle and working class.

      This is going to cost more than any dumb wall and come much closer to damaging our economy than any illegals.

      He is creating a “national emergency” to massage his ego.

      And McConnell is just as bad. For the good of the nation, he should pass the bill, hand it to Trump. If he vetoes, which I am not sure he has the guts to do, then work with the House to override.


      1. I, of course, disagree. This is 100% the Democrat’s doing.

        They previously agreed to a larger amount, and President Trump has offered to accept less than the $5billion asked for. When brought into the Situation Room for negotiations, Schummer and Pelosi interrupted DHS Sect Neilsen 6 seconds into her briefing and refused to let her finish. It is clear they are not bargaining in good faith.

        They simply don’t want to allow Trump to keep a key campaign promise, even in a token manner.

        They count on the news media to shield them from blame, not reporting Pelosi’s bad behavior, but this is all about a contest of wills, which has worked for them in the past.

        I don’t think it’s going to work this time. Trump is being seen as the reasonable one, even in spite ot the media distortions. When Trump canceled his Trip to Florida while Pelosi went the Hawaii, the people saw that.

        He should hang tough, and if those Federal workers get evicted, they should think about why they so consistently vote for Democrats who are using their hardship for show.


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