Two Years Ago Today …

Ralph Northam denies he’s in racist photo, but calls for his resignation grow

Lest we forget: Terry McAuliffe called for Northam to resign. Given that he’s running for re-election, I would love to know if his stance has changed–and what he thinks of Northam’s performance in the two years since. Fair questions, no?

45 thoughts on “Two Years Ago Today …

          1. What is a “California forest fire igniting Jewish Space Laser” if not a very GOOD reason to compare members of the ReQublican Party to Nazis?

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        1. Well, conservatives are the stronghold of White Supremacists, gangs like Proud Boys, and various deep rooted nationalists.

          At least the gang supposedly associated with liberals, Antifa, is “anti-fascist” in name.

          So there is that.

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          1. This hypocritical horse manure is rich. And you liberals suddenly try to push some national healing kumbaya moment?? Yeah sure, as long as it is on your terms. YOU are,out of line with this trash..


          2. You mean the Proud Boys, 3%ers, Oath Keepers and other assorted pond scum are liberals?

            I learn something new every single day.


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          3. Unlike the GOP which is calling for unity. But their definition of unity is to do what they want. Nothing about reconciliation or compromise or negotiation. Just do what we say to do and the 83 million voters who chose Biden be damned.

            You, once again, are completely backwards.


          4. Well, Bobr, I accept that President Biden is talking up the idea of reconciliation and healing. I hope it is just lip service – something that he must do so he can shrug and say – “Well, I tried.” – as he ignores their whining and gets on with the job of repairing the damage they have done.

            But trust me, we liberals have zero interest in accommodating the racists, seditionists and insurrectionists that have captured the Republican Party. The only ones we should try to accommodate in any way in the months ahead are those who vote to convict in the coming Impeachment trial. IMHO.

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          1. It’s actually worse than “ignorance”.

            The disinformation fed to the “true believers” creates such a comprehensive false narrative in their minds that they truly believe they have the “facts” and everyone else not part of “them” is wrong.

            Tough to fix….

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        2. Out of line too?


          The comparisons most often made are between Trumpism and the Nazi Party of the mid-1930’s. There are MANY very similar elements. The lies, the demonization of minorities, the ultra-nationalism, the phony patriotism, thuggery, the lynch mob mentality.

          The German people thought they were through with Hitler after the failed beer hall putsch. The American people may think that we are done with Trump after the failed Capitol coup. We should not be too sure.

          Those who do no learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

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        1. Pardon me.

          “What about the violence at some of the BLM protests?”

          “What about Obama and Fast/Furious/Ghadaffi/Trayvon/IRS…”

          “Hillary used a private server and all that stuff.”

          But you knew this was coming

          After all…

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    1. You need to learn to do a little bit of self-editing. Not every thought needs to be expressed. It is an important part of being in an adult conversation.

      Once you had the thought that since both are doctors, “Gee, wouldn’t it be cute to compare Dr. Northam to the war criminal Mengele” you should have enjoyed your private chuckle at how cute you are but then stopped there instead of polluting this forum with such utter garbage.

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  1. Northam is getting a lot of heat for the slower than expected rollout of vaccines in arms. The fact is so are most state leaders around the nation.

    The problems are multiple, but part of it is the hoarding by providers and hospitals.

    “Roughly 50 million vaccines have been delivered, but just 31 million have gotten into arms so far.
    Slavitt said the rocky start of the distribution effort created a backlog of doses that have been sitting in states. He said that issue was also exacerbated by inconsistent information states had previously been receiving from the federal government about how much vaccine they would receive each week.”

    This should improve now that we know a bit more about the distribution and supply hiccups.

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    1. The larger problem is that the few who have been vaccinated are those of low risk. Elders have been largely left unprotected while his political debts to public employee unions are paid.

      If the predicted coming surge due to the new variants materializes, people will forget the nursing home deaths Cuomo gave us when they see the thousands Northam will kill.


      1. “Elders have been largely left unprotected“ IDK

        These “elders” got their first shots, through proper channels, in our own State and city last week.

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          1. Your self-serving calculus on the degree of risk that people face is seriously flawed. It is not as simple as you like to pretend. You are simply too eager to find fault too early in the process.

            The overall risk is a function of both (1) the risk of bad consequences if infected and (2) the number of times possibly exposed to the infection. The disease is spread by people. A self-isolating senior (65-74) may interact with 10 people per month. (in my case – NONE). A middle-aged person working in a grocery store may interact with a 1,000 people or more. Assuming the senior has a 1 in 10 chance of dying if infected and the essential worker has a 1 in 100 chance of dying if infected the risk of dying they face is similar because the essential worker has 100X the chance of becoming infected. If your only goal is to protect your life, it is better to be a self-isolating senior than a grocery store cashier.

            And this leaves out that the infected senior will not be exposing many others while the essential worker is exposing many more if she becomes infected.

            By the way, CDC says that people 65-74 are 9x more likely to die if infected than those 40-49 so my mathematically easy hypotheticals are in the right ball park.


            Of course every situation is different. My only point, which I have made before, is that you are dead wrong to claim your ideas are the only rational ones and even more wrong to attribute the ideas of others to base motives and “corruption.”


          2. 40 to 49 is not the same as 20 to 29

            those 65 to 74 are 10 times more likely to require hospitalization and 90 times
            more likely to die than those under 30. Those over 75 are 220X more likely to die.

            And teachers are not at increased risk


            They are at the head if the line because of thier political affiliation, not because of medical need.


          1. SOME public employee union members are first responders, most are not.

            But even if they were, would that justify putting a 30 yo firefighter ahead of a 70 year old retiree with 90 times the risk of dying if infected.
            Are firefighters 90 times more likely to be infected? Why? What haas expereince shown us in 10 months? Do we actually know if they are at increased risk at all?

            If they were truly at that elevated risk, we should know it by now.

            So, how about city office workers? Why are they months ahead of private office workers, other than being reliably Democrat?


          2. That 30 year old firefighter might have to respond to the 70 year old retiree, potentially exposing himself to the virus, and then spread it to others.

            And as much as you HATE government, continuity of government services is paramount during this time.

            You are so desperate for corruption to be occurring you just make things up.

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          3. First, fire departments have managed to function just fine for 10 months without vaccination. Finishing vaccinating the elders would take at most a month, I think the firefighters can make it another month.

            Second, which is more likely, that a 70 year old will need a firefighter, or a plumber or auto mechanic or any of dozens of people who could carry the virus that the elder cannot completely avoid? There is nothing special about firefighters as vectors of the disease.

            Finally, has anyone asked the firefighters? The firefighters union is selfish, but firefighters as individuals are not. I wonder how many would accept the vaccine if there was an elder standing there going unprotected?


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