More Than a Number in My Little Red Book

At least he read it.  There better?

8 thoughts on “More Than a Number in My Little Red Book

    1. Yes it does. It means NN is a disturbed individual. We’ve all seen it in her posts over the past several months. Dr. Tabor, you mentioned something about mind altering drugs in a post in the last few days. I believe NN is either there or is stumbling into something that only she knows. She needs help.


    2. Perhaps the uncanny resemblance to our holy president holding a Bible in front of a church.

      Which brings to mind, was that supposed to mean something?

      I suggest three actual scenarios:

      A) “Did anyone lose this book…I don’t see a name in it.”

      B) “I told you to give me the ‘Art of the Deal’ and you gave with this instead?”

      C) “The bidding for this book will start at $1 million. But wait, There’s more. The winning bid will get a photo op at Mar a Lago.”

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  1. Compare and contrast maybe? A photo-op with a book, but this guy can actually read a book.
    Match the proper words
    Lafayette……… Square
    Tiananmen….. Park

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    1. Most self-anointed alpha males would boast about their “little black book”.

      Our dear president is holding his “big black book”…or thought he was. It flipped open and he saw the Book of Ruth and it suddenly occurred to him that he never knew a girl named Ruth. He then quickly thumbed through and could find no Book of Stormy.

      The rest is history.

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