Lawsuit Against This Ad Will Prevail

Trump claims that the ad is 100% False and Misleading.

It contains nothing but Trump.  Therefore, it is 100% false & misleading.


30 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against This Ad Will Prevail

  1. Good for Trump. The ad is, in fact, a lie and deserves to be litigated. Shame on MSNBC for their dishonesty.


      1. I realize that, just pointing out that the snotty commentator is criticizing Trump for errors far less egregious than his own.

        Also note the dates for the out of context Trump quotes, which go back into January when China was still denying human-to-human transmission.

        Hindsight is always 20/20


        1. China revealed human to human transmission to WHO and publicly on January 20, the same starting date for the ad.

          None of the quotes are lies.

          No matter how you parse it, it is a more honest political ad than most.

          There is an excellent total review of our failures to prepare and respond.

          It includes not just what Trump did not do, but the run up for about a decade of one SNAFU after another. Bureaucratic errors and omissions in CDC and FDA. Ventilator contract that fell victim to capitalism because of a competitive buyout to prevent a cheaper ventilator that was in the making.

          Trumps appointees were a major issue also. Loyalty was a priority and knowledge about large government organizations was sorely lacking. Chaotic administrative actions. The list goes on.

          It is not all this administration to the extent that existing logjams needed to be cleared. Still, ignoring the issue for as long as we did just stalled any efforts to repair and get going in the face of reality.

          At the very least, January 26 was the time Senators were briefed in a closed door session about the seriousness. A week later Trump issued a half-assed travel restriction.

          So the ad is accurate insofar as what Trump told us despite the 1/26 meeting and up until 3/16 when he got serious.

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          1. @Len

            Well presented pushback on cult denial.

            It is amazing (or used to be) that some people will deny the accuracy of the words that come out of his mouth and attempt to defend the indefensible.

            Bottom line: he put our citizens at risk for his own (perceived) personal/political gain and NOTHING will change that simple FACT.

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          2. The failure of the low cost ventilator project occurred in 2013-2015 and Trump had nothing to do with it. It was the Obama administration that released Coviden from its contractual obligations.


          3. I believe I wrote that the SNAFUS were over at least the last 2 administrations. I never said the ventilator contract was Trumps fault. I was just adding it was a fault of capitalism to screw up a contract because it was threatening a lower price.

            I am trying to be fair.

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          4. When Convid bought the company making the low cost ventilators, it was obligated by the contracts in place. That it chose not to complete the project to avoid competing with its more expensive version violated that contract.

            It is not a failure of capitalism that the contract was not enforced, and indeed, I would think an investigation of why it was not would be appropriate. That was a failure of government. The circumstances of that choice should be determined and whoever is responsible should be held to account.


          5. Perhaps in the theoretical world. But just like people who sue not for justice, but to force the defendants to go under financially from legal fees, the theory is not what happens when bucks are involved.

            Money is power.

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          6. But the contract was not between the companies involved, it was between them and the US Government, the deepest pockets in the world.

            We are due an explanation for why the government knuckled under to a company seeking to squelch competition in the marketplace.

            That is NOT a claim that Obama was involved in corruption, but someone, at some level, sure as hell was.


          7. I didn’t mean literally trying to bankrupt someone in this case.

            Just that money talks. Probably someone cut a deal or just “lost the contract”. Sure it was wrong and justice should be done.

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    1. RE: “Note the commentator conflating cases with deaths.”

      I have some hope that the legal doctrine of “superior knowledge” can be extended into defamation law:

      The basis would be that professional communicators are in a position to know whether their own work products lie or tell the truth. The approach is susceptible to abuse, but courts are well equipped to handle that.

      In any case, the old standard that legal restrictions might have a “chilling effect” on free speech generally has outlived its utility.


      1. There were no lies in the ad. The timelines were on the money. January 20 was the date China told the world it was human to human. That was the start date of the ad.

        The quotes were accurate, the casualties were accurate.

        As far as a political ad regarding the efficacy of this administration and it’s misleading lack of urgency until months into the pandemic it is clean and accurate.

        The “superior knowledge”, a spurious claim coming from a Trump supporter particularly, is weak and not even applicable in this ad. After all, Trump and his administration with its State Department, Intelligence information, professionals appointed and carried over would have much more “superior knowledge “ than anyone. Yet the threat was pretty well dismissed until 3/16.

        The point is simple. We are rallying around the president for now. That is the norm. But when this blows over, Americans need to decide whether this administration can be trusted should another serious crisis develop.

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        1. RE: “There were no lies in the ad.”

          There are both lies of commission (e.g., how Trump’s first quotation is edited to put two things together which never were) and lies of ommission (primarily context).

          Are you really so steeped in Trump hatred that you condone such things? I fear you have lost your moral compass.


          1. My moral compass is just fine and in place.

            I said there were no lies in the ad, and I am correct. You just don’t like seeing what Trump said, when he said it. Context was essentially the words that you saw.

            He denied the seriousness of the virus until 3/16. His propaganda machine did that, and worse, by encouraging people to party on up until Trump accepted the pandemic.

            And then he had the balls to say he knew along it was a pandemic.

            “This is a pandemic,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

            How long is “long before”.

            My dislike of Trump is simply based on what he does and what he says. And in this crisis, he lied or misled grossly, with both malice and reckless abandon. And his actions were also delayed, particularly if he was privy to the virus being a pandemic. Probably as early as January 26 when the closed door session with Congress prompted at least 2 Senators to alter their portfolios in anticipation of a market downfall and investing in new stocks that would probably benefit from the pandemic.

            The absent moral compass is of those who refuse to acknowledge the chaotic administration, purposeful, negligent lying and misleading the American public, and grandstanding before starting to assemble a response to this mess.

            I remarked in an earlier post that such things as supplies and general readiness were hampered by organizational logjams in place for at least 2 previous administrations. Yet Trump is ultimately responsible because he is president and has been for 3 years.

            I still don’t blame him for all the problems, just the people he put in place that were totally unqualified to address those issues whether we had a serious crisis or not.

            And his unending lines of BS he was feeding us when he said he knew long ago it was a pandemic.

            That is nothing short of criminal.

            Even the most casual observer as well as the most loyal fan of this president would have to be blind not to see that.

            Admitting it is another issue.

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          2. RE: “I said there were no lies in the ad, and I am correct.”

            Sorry, you are not. The first quotation in the ad, verbatim: “The coronavirus, this is their new hoax.”

            Truth: Trump never made that statement, nor anything like it. Technically, the statement is both a lie of commission and of ommission.


          3. “During a Feb. 28, 2020, campaign rally in South Carolina, President Donald Trump likened the Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to the new coronavirus outbreak to their efforts to impeach him, saying “this is their new hoax.”

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          4. RE: “During a Feb. 28, 2020, campaign rally in South Carolina, President Donald Trump likened the Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to the new coronavirus outbreak to their efforts to impeach him, saying ‘this is their new hoax.'”

            Nope. Even your own version of Trump’s statement shows that the quotation in the ad is a fabrication.

            Sorry, but if you can’t see your own nose on your own face, then even your friends can’t help you.


          5. RE: “Those were TWO statements separated by days.”

            Doesn’t matter. Put together they tell a lie.


          6. “ Sorry, but if you can’t see your own nose on your own face, then even your friends can’t help you.”

            Listen to the ad. It starts with a Trump saying “Coronavirus” with one voice, then the timeline moves to the next quote in a completely different tone of voice. It is obvious that the quotes are from separate sources on separate days.

            Remember Trump has used the word “hoax” for climate change, the Russian investigation, the impeachment and Lord knows what else. So the ad wants to make sure the listener is aware this is about the Coronavirus using a Trump’s own voice.

            The first one just establishes the topic. Simple, truthful and to the point.

            Again, I’m correct and you are seeing what you want to support your mistaken assumption.


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          1. I would rephrase that in the case of our current administration.

            “There are hundreds (thousands, really) of lies that are presented as truths.”

            BS from Trump is common. I get that. However what I think his supporters don’t grasp is that in a crisis we are looking for truth. We can handle that. Lying or misleading just dampens the trust.

            And trust in an administration is key to weathering a crisis without coming apart at the seams.

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  2. He is the most litigious person to take up useless residence in the WH for sure. Whine, whine and more whining.

    He needs to try getting off his lazy backside and staring at his cell phone’s Twitter page, and try to find some of the hundreds of thousands of ppe items needed in our country. He needs to not even think of sending m as masks, etc. to any other country until we stop hearing of our doctors & nurses trying to get by with putting 2 or 4 people on ONE ventilator.

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  3. The ad is spot on and it accurately captures the messaging that Trump was spreading from the beginning.

    1. That concern about the virus was some sort of “hoax” by the DNC and the “lame stream media.”
    2. That the virus was “totally under control” and would not be all that serious.
    3. That the number of cases would quickly shrink to zero.
    4. That he was doing a great job keeping it down to a minimum.
    5. That he was acting on some sort of personal expertise.

    None of that messaging was accurate in the least. And Trump WAS responsible for it.

    Trump has spent a career dodging accountability for his actions by sicking lawyers on THOUSANDS of accusers and claimants. It will not work this time.

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