Hmmmm, given increased virus production with increased temperature and  CO2… maybe God is on to something.  Maybe COVID-19 is God punishing Evangelicals for voting for Trump.

Google co2 viruses

23 thoughts on “Gaia

  1. BTW, back from Florida where we were some of the last visitors to Universal Studios and then did a small bit of the Duval Crawl. Wouldn’t you know I awoke with the sniffles this morning. Some coughing but no sense of being winded, no fever … yet.

    Probability dictates the likely culprit is a cold.

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    1. Being a child of the 60s/70s I’ve been a “Gaia” embracer for some time. Things are changing more quickly than many believe, I hope, as a species we’re up to the challenge.

      I don’t think the genie is going back into the bottle any time soon, if at all. Our ways of living may have be adjusted in order to survive.

      Be well.

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        1. Hmm, well I identify myself with the universe, but I don’t know if there’s any divinity involved…

          Although as the old song says:

          “We are stardust, we are Golden”…..

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    1. That is true and I hope this one follows suit. The typical “pattern” is to die down; the problem is that “pattern” also includes a reemergence in the late fall through the spring that is typically more virulent.

      And it is highly unlikely an effective vaccine will available by then.

      Fingers still crossed.

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      1. Yes, a rebound in fall is likely, but it still flattens the curve and buys time.

        Thee is a vaccine trial underway in Seattle and HIV antivirals are being tested.


        1. Remember the images of mass inoculations for polio in grade school? Now that was a nasty, fearsome disease.

          I don’t recall exactly, but I think I got my shots in school.

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          1. We stood for hours in line at the Health Dept.

            Two of my older cousins spent months in an iron lung the year before the Salk vaccine came out.


        2. Phase clinical trial began in record time, I hope it works and is indicative of what results in the overall development process.

          The buying of time after the slow start is critical as we are in a race with lives on the line.

          Amazing what can be accomplished when teams of experts work together…

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          1. Actually, it’s amazing what can be accomplished when the experts get out of the way.

            The vaccines and antivirals under test are all from private sector labs that until recently were not allowed to work on COVID19


          2. @Tabor

            I was referring to the private sector “experts”.

            I’m struck by the fact you thought otherwise.

            FWIW: Try not to let your anti-government bias effect everything you read.


        1. Well it was not a really heavy paper. I believe it was written by a grad student with the idea of being understandable for the average folks…like me.

          But I do recall reading that in humid conditions, the virus sort of “drowns” if the water doesn’t evaporate.

          And that may be BS also.

          There is a reason why rigorous science is hard. Same reason I took up photography.

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  2. I often wondered why “punishments from God” are directed at those who are not followers of certain religions.

    Maybe God is trying to tell those folks to lighten up and not be so judgmental.

    But being humans we have natural propensity to muck things up. So instead we double down and try to find who is making the Almighty so mad.

    In the Western world, the culprit has been more often than not identified as “Hey you with the yarmulke “. But any minority will do in a pinch.

    There is a conspiracy nut ex-sheriff In Minnesota who has pinpointed Soros as the likely candidate for blame in this current crisis.

    Some things just never change.

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  3. What I can’t understand is why, with all the admonishments to avoid crowds, the Navy is still going full bore at the shipyard, with hundreds of people working in the tight confines of a submarine.

    Are we really that short of submarines that a delay of a couple of weeks is critical?

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