The Monkey Fires His Machine Gun

“This is their new hoax”


67 thoughts on “The Monkey Fires His Machine Gun

  1. I kind of get the attempts to try and limit hysteria by being conservative on the expected effects of COVID19. However, the claims that the democrats and the media are overhyping it is ridiculous. Prudent actions, taken quickly are the way forward. Crying about how the other side is talking about it is counterproductive. Wishing it away is NOT prudent. Gagging health professionals is not good. Based on the history of this administration, putting Pence in charge of messaging is dangerous. I fear he will keep the message to Trump’s narrative and not allow the transparency we deserve on this.

    I suppose 12-18 months equals “soon” in the case of inoculation development. But it sends a very unclear message.

    Sorry, Mr. President. This virus is not a “hoax”. It is very real and it is here. Please forget about your potentially bruised ego and do the right thing for the country for a change. You, sir, are NOT the country. Quit focusing on protecting yourself and worry about those that helped put you in office and those that didn’t. We are all in this.

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    1. Gee, were Democrats not exploiting the tragedy President Trump would not need to protect himself, would he?

      How about working to make things better instead of criticizing Trump for what you imagine he might do?

      You’re better than this


      1. @Tabor

        Get off your high horse. You are not fooling anybody.

        And here is something you may not know – the President is not exempt from criticism. And one does not have to imagine what he might do to find plenty to criticize. For example, assigning responsibility to manage our nation’s response to Mike Pence was DUMB.

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        1. Why?

          DO you think Pence is going to be huddling over a microscope?

          He is not a scientist, but he is an effective manager, and he is in charge of seeing to it that the real scientists have what they need.

          What, exactly, has he done wrong?


          1. @Tabor

            Pence is a science denying dummy. As late as 2000 he was writing Op-eds about the safety of smoking. As governor of Indiana he grossly exacerbated the HIV crisis in his state – apparently out of some sort of Christian homophobic prudery.


            As for being an “effective manager,” there is no evidence of that. He has never successfully managed anything. He rose to prominence as a talk show blabbermouth. He failed as governor. He was washed up politically in Indiana when Trump rescued him to be the sort of sycophant he needed as VP. THAT he has been very good at.

            The role requires credibility. Mike Pence has NONE. With anybody. I believe that you have frequently opined that he would be worse than Trump as President if the job fell to him through impeachment. You can correct me if I am wrong on that point.

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          2. …”effective manager,”… Yeah? Ask those in Indiana that were affected by the spread of HIV/AIDS under his watch. He is incharge of messaging to protect the Administration. He isn’t a Coronovirus czar; he is a peon doing the bidding of an ineffective leader.

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          3. Your ignoring of the facts that his slow walk of anything remotely appearing to be crisis management is kinda scary.

            And I never said he did. What I did say was his management of the situation was extremely lacking and caused more people to suffer. They were probably Democrats, so he didn’t give a rat’s patootie.

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          4. “I’m pretty sure Pence didn’t give anybody AIDS.”

            It’s that kind of certainty that spreads disease, which ironically, is the topic at hand…

            Sing it with me…

            VD is for everybody,
            Not just for the few.
            Anyone can get VD
            From someone nice like you…

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          5. @Tabor

            Doing the right thing is often controversial and maybe not popular. But the fact is that in Indiana the doctors said that a needle exchange could significantly curtail the HIV epidemic. Pence dithered for months while a lot of unnecessary and avoidable damage was done.

            President Obama had to make a controversial and unpopular decision with regard to the GOP-hyped refusal to let people enter the country from Ebola-affected countries in Africa. I remember you loudly parroting the attacks of “political correctness” and making dire predictions of what would follow. Obama was guided by the science and not by the politics.

            See the difference?

            Probably not.

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      2. Exploiting the tragedy? That is about as delusional as Trump doesn’t lie. The Democrats are taking the threat seriously, believe in the science and are not muzzling experts. They are looking for leadership from the Oval Office and Trump appoints a science denier to head the messaging, goes to South Carolina for a political rally that isn’t needed as he has no real competition for the nomination, and talks out of his 239 pound ass about things he is clueless about.

        I am not imagining anything. I pay attention to his words and actions. You might want to give it a shot instead of appearing to blindly acquiesce to all of the drivel he spits. The claim that he is protecting the country is bogus coming from him. He has equated himself as the country from the beginning. He is protecting himself in the worst way imaginable. And when the virus starts making its way to Trump country, we’ll see what happens.

        Your defense of all things Trump continues to amaze me considering your experience and background. And don’t try to argue that you don’t. It is laughable when you do because you cherry pick one or two things, but you are 99.999% behind this idiot.

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  2. The Politico article is misleading, The President did not say the Virus was a Hoax, he said the Democrats exploitation of it is their “new hoax” just as Russiagate was their old hoax.

    And he is correct.

    The Coronavirus is a tragedy of worldwide dimension. Depending on how much time can be bought through quarantine and border control, thousands to tens of thousands of Americans will die. Millions will be laid off and suffer huge financial loss. Educations will be delayed and businesses will fail.

    This is a time for us to come together to face a new threat the like of which we have not seen since 1916, but all the Democrats can see is an opportunity for political advantage, even though they cannot point to anything that could have been done differently in real time.

    This is disgusting and I am ashamed to see people in this forum participating.


    1. @Tabor
      Spin, Spin, spin

      You are making a possible distinction that most people will not make. Most Trump supporters will hear the word “hoax” and stop – or never start – thinking. And, of course, you ignore other parts of his self-centered babbling such as that the media is covering this threat extensively in order to hurt HIM.

      I will not dignify your silly claim that Russiagate is a Democratic “hoax” with a response. It doesn’t deserve one.

      I can easily point to three things that could have been done differently . . .

      1. Not tear up the pandemic response team that Obama built to guard against and respond to exactly this sort of threat.

      1. When the President took to the podium he should not have been rambling incoherently, saying the opposite of what the professionals are saying, not banned one of our leading experts from participating and not politicizing the problem with his nonsense about the Democratic Presidential field causing the stock market collapse.

      2. Not overrule the medical authorities about returning sick people to this country and then sending incompetents to receive them without the safeguards necessary to avoid spreading the disease.

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      1. The Pandemic Response Team was not fired.

        It was an ad hoc group pulled from existing Federal employees to deal with the Ebola outbreak.

        The political appointee selected to head it was let go, but the career scientists and military personnel that did the work simply went back to their old jobs. They are available if needed.

        If we had an honest press, The President would not need to accuse the Democrats of their disgusting exploitation of a crisis, but since the MSM has become the propaganda arm of the DNC, he has to make the point himself.


        1. Well, more than one was let go, and the function was cancelled.

          “They are available if needed.”

          Are they? And, in the face of a pandemic, what’s the re-organization lead-time?

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        2. @Tabor

          A straw man. I did not say anyone was ” fired.” I said the team was torn up. And they were. As Snopes documented.

          True, those who were government employees still had jobs somewhere in the government so they were not “fired.” But, the team reporting to the National Security Adviser was disbanded and dispersed. It may have started as a result of the Ebola threat but its origins only shows that this sort of high level attention and coordination is needed. And should have been retained. Penny wise and Pound foolish is a valid criticism.

          As for all this bull about exploiting the crisis by criticizing dumb decisions, Obama was just as soundly criticized when he made good decisions. For example, in spite of demagoguery from the GOP to close the border with respect to African countries, Obama followed the scientists advice that such an action would increase, not decrease, the danger. Boy did the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have a field day with that one.

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        3. “… White House focused on eliminating funding to Obama-era disease security programs. In March of that year, Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer, whose job it was to lead the U.S. response in the event of a pandemic, abruptly left the administration and his global health security team was disbanded.

          That same year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was forced to slash its efforts to prevent global disease outbreak by 80% as its funding for the program began to run out. ”

          Sorry, but I don’t know who told you that, but I will disagree.

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      2. I continue to be amazed at how even somewhat knowledgeable and intelligent people cling to, and defend, the lying incompetent sociopath In the WH.

        Their defenses are increasingly divorced from reality.

        Deceive, deny, and deflect must be a miserable way to engage the world..

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      3. Your Snopes link reports that a few staff positions in the White House were cut in 2018, long before COVID-19 was known to exist, CDC funding was never cut (as some have been claiming) and the administration requested $2.5 billion in new funding to respond to coronavirus once it was discovered. There’s not much in any of that to criticize.


          1. RE: “What is your source?”

            As stated, the Snopes fact check: “funding for the CDC’s global disease outbreak prevention efforts had been reduced by 80%, including funding for the agency’s efforts in China. But that was the result of the anticipated depletion of previously allotted funding, not a direct cut by the Trump administration.”


          2. @Roberts

            Your quibbling with words is laughable. Allowing a program to expire IS cutting the program.

            For example, let’s say that a future government does not like the Navy so they simply allow its existing funding to expire without renewing it in the next budget. Would you be okay with that since – in this scenario – no one “cut” the Navy’s budget?

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          3. I honestly think that for Trump, “global” anything is not part of his outlook (except where he will get his oligarchy funding for projects in dictatorships).

            It may be that he thinks we are the only nation in the world that won’t get diseases. Perhaps the “wall”? Who knows.

            For the time being, we are stuck with his lies and tantrums. Pretty much the autocrat’s playbook.

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        1. @Roberts

          A few staff positions were cut. Was that because the science-deniers running things under Trump had no ability to foresee what is happening now? Sure, they were just a few staff positions but they were fulfilling a role that we now have to scramble to fulfill.

          The request for $2.5 billion is also subject to criticism IF it is not adequate and there is plenty of reason to think that it is not. Even Trump appointees in this field have said that it is a fraction of what is needed and that is a sign of a lack of understanding how serious the threat is.

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          1. @Roberts

            It did not take any special ability to see the future to understand that the threat of pandemic is constant. History contains several and we have had recent near misses. So, yes, “weak” as it might be in your mind, Trump’s failure to take this threat seriously until the stock market crashed is a very valid criticism.

            As for the money, the threat of pandemic is far more real and more personal than anything that our military protects us from, so increasing its bloated budget while cutting public health resources was stupid. And stupidity is a valid criticism as well.

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          2. @Murphy

            “not take any special ability to see the future to understand that the threat of pandemic is constant.“

            it does, however take some, which is not apparently available to either trump or the trump defenders..

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    2. Sorry, but I disagree with your evaluation. When Obama was dealing with Ebola, were your ashamed of the Republicans politicizing his handling of the problem. He was viciously attacked by the right for not doing whatever they thought was going to hurt him.

      So I am suggesting that you should park your shame and disgust in the right wing “whine cellar”.

      Trump’s rally was a disgusting display by Trump. And that is saying something.

      And why does he lie about this disease. It is not the flu, which is about .05% fatal this season. And this is a tough season. Coronavirus is 2% fatal, and may be much higher.

      That lie is also shameful and disgusting.

      Why is he gagging scientists? Why did he strip CDC when he took office. It had a well established crisis management system in place.

      And here is a piece of news. The stocks worldwide are not reacting just because some Democrats or media personalities are reporting this. There are billions around the world who could not care less about what MSNBC or FOX have to say.

      Are some on the left looking at this as Trump’s “Katrina” moment. Of course. Just like any opposition party since the founding, it will press for political gain.

      The real test is how Trump will handle what seems to be a real crisis in the face of reality outside the rally halls.

      I am not optimistic.

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      1. Ebola is very different from Coronavirus.

        While is it much more lethal, it is not transmissable for up to a week before symptoms appear. That will make containment of coronavirus far more difficult, though thankfully it is not so deadly.


        1. Oh, so raking Obama over the coals because Ebola doesn’t kill as many, just more efficiently, is different.

          BTW, I don’t recall Obama blaming others. He took responsibility for handling it in accordance with his experts’ advice.

          Scalise tried to BS that the GOP did nothing but kumbaya with Obama to handle the crisis.

          Lying sack of crap.

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        2. But it DOES have one thing in common. The government in Ghana claimed it was a hoax, that it was contained, that it wasn’t as deadly as claimed, that it would end naturally, and the result of that misinformation campaign was catastrophic.

          I see good news in this though. The only people who will associate “coronavirus” and “hoax” as a hoax, are the Trumpets and Trumpettes. They will thus be slow to seek treatment. Win-win.

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      2. @len

        You make a good point about the worldview of the outbreak. It is much more indicative of the seriousness that more competently run Countries take the potential harm that may be caused.

        If early models/predictions hold true the loss of life (tens of millions) and economic impart (trillions of dollars) will be staggering.

        Who gives a rats ass what ANY talking head says about the “politics” of it all.

        Science doesn’t give a shit wether you believe in it or not.

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  3. We have no president.

    This rally really takes the cake.

    I think he is a little, spoiled bully who now has a serious problem on his watch and he hasn’t a clue about what to do. Fired everyone who might have knowledge and is now crying and whining because it is not fair.

    Not fair to have a pandemic when he thought he was doing so well. “Daddy, what do I do now?”

    Chinese biological warfare, Democrats, the media, Romney, Wall Street, anyone speaking Spanish…somebody’s to blame.

    Not him. Not his lack of preparedness. Not his lack of competent people

    “It’s just the common cold or the annual flu.” Of course this year’s flu has a mortality rate of less than 1/10th of a percent. The coronavirus, COVID-19, COFEVE, Trumpbug, whatever, knocks off about 2%.
    It is said that the mark of a man is how he acts when things are not going so well.

    Now we know for sure what most of us have known for years.

    He is a fraud.

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    1. With all due respect, Israel’s history on claims to sensational inventions, discoveries, and solutions to problems, is greatly exaggerated.

      Let’s put it this way, I personally wouldn’t invest in anything coming out of Israel.

      I shall advise, “wait and see”.

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    2. Actually, that news is in many other media sources as well. So there is good news.

      Maybe Limbaugh and Trump will admit that it is NOT the sniffles. That lie is treasonous if you look at it from the viewpoint of public health in our nation.

      Shame on those two and anyone else who spread the lies.

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    3. Google “Israeli scientists claim”

      “About 15,400,000 results (0.32 seconds)”

      Then advance to, oh say, page 10 to get past the coronavirus stuff, and enjoy… Things like “cancer cure”, “Arabic damages the brain”, “1000 mpg car”, etc., etc.

      It’s like the ad page from a 1950’s Popular Mechanics… for you whippersnappers, go to Yahoo, select “You won’t believe what she looks like today”, and click on it.

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  4. After reading a few of these wildly sensationalized left wing hair on fire doomsday reactions and outright distortion of facts, it only becomes ever more clear that a level headed president needs to stay in the white house. You people are patently insane.

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    1. @BobR
      The only one distorting facts as this pandemic looms is the level-headed (LOL!) Mr. Trump. Even sharing the stage with leading public health experts he could not stop himself from babbling almost incoherently and contradicting their expert warnings. His rally in SC was even worse as Politico reported.

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      1. Well for one, it is a BIG fu#=%ng lie that Trump defunded the CDC. He did no such thing but your lying ass alarmist imbeciles claim so. To go through each utterly false claim or ultrabiased assertion would take a lot more time than I am willing devote to such pathetic politicized nonsense. Again, you people are insane. However, you make a very clear case for reelecting Trump. I thank you and keep it up.


        1. Because I know you are a busy man, I will make this easy for you:

          “The cuts started in 2018, as the White House focused on eliminating funding to Obama-era disease security programs. In March of that year, Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer, whose job it was to lead the U.S. response in the event of a pandemic, abruptly left the administration and his global health security team was disbanded.

          That same year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was forced to slash its efforts to prevent global disease outbreak by 80% as its funding for the program began to run out. ”

          Technically, Trump just did not re-fund the CDC. And it was only an 80% cut.

          So you got me there you old, sly fox.

          But, hey, you have one less refutation to make your case.

          Lookin’ out for ya.

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  5. I will make this easy so Len and others can grasp it and I will talk SLOOOOWLY. The only thing that has been cut is federal grant money set up by a Congressional emergency fund predating Trump. The reductions in that fund were set in motion predating Trump as well. There have been NO cuts to the CDC or NIH. In fact their budgets have increased under Trump. CDC and NIH protocols for pandemic disease response have never been compromised. Peace out….


    1. @BobR

      No need to be stubbornly ignorant. Although Trump’s budgets have repeatedly called for budget cuts for CDC and NIH, Congress has not go along. Trump gets ZERO credit since his decisions were over-ruled.

      In addition, the part of CDC that had been charged with the monitoring and responding to global pandemics did not have its funding renewed in 2018 and had to cut back by 80%. Trump could have proposed continuing that effort, but he did not.

      It is also worth noting that there are currently about 700 permanently unfilled positions at CDC because Trump has implemented a hiring freeze.

      You can pretend that Trump has put a high priority on defending the nation from infectious disease and you can believe his brags of being effective all you want, but the record shows that he has not. Now we are paying a price in confusion and disorganization.

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      1. Then why are you so stubbornly ignorant? CDC officials openly state they are fully funded and have all the necessary resources. There is a reason no one in the CDC or NIH asks for your opinion or “expertise” in pandemic disease response. Can you guess why?


          1. That is a blatant lie. Can’t you read? Even left wing MSM including the AP and CBS admit you are full of poop. Time say adios to you again.


        1. @BobR

          What part of Trump got over-ruled by Congress do you not understand? Aren’t you offended when some jackass takes credit for things he did not do and, in fact, opposed? Maybe not. Maybe you admire that sort of swinish behavior.

          When Trump did not renew the CDC program of monitoring and preventing pandemics in other countries, the CDC had to cut back 80% on which countries they would cover. China was one of those countries. Whoops!

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