I and the public know

What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return. —  W.H. Auden, poet (21 Feb 1907-1973)

Uh yep, but now explain Republicans…

I used to think these people knew Trump was lying, but that they were just being good little Nazis.  After visiting a Tweet (the one in an earlier post) for the first time and reading the replies, I’ve come to the conclusion that America is chock-a-brick with just plain stupid people, and most of them follow Trump like their God.


31 thoughts on “I and the public know

  1. Fox News contributor, Richard Fowler said the following: (From thehill.com)

    ““We can’t tell our kids not to bully, we can’t tell our kids to be nice to your neighbors,” he added. “We can’t tell our children to do unto others when you have a president attacking a good man for no reason in particular aside from the fact that he criticized a particular policy position of his.””

    Too bad Trump supporters don’t see this as an issue. Unless THEY are the target of the bullying.

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  2. I’ll have to admit that I’m fighting to not lose my faith in the American people, our system of Government and the rule of law, but it’s getting increasingly difficult.

    Given the degree of corruption on daily display and inaction by those in power to stop it I’ve begun to doubt our Country’s ability to survive.

    The House did its Constitutional duty and the GOP Senate did not. I can’t blame “stupid” for their actions, only greed and cowardice.

    While Nov. 7th is a test that we “the people” must pass, it would sure help if the Dems offered up a strong candidate. When did 80 year old Presidents become a “thing” anyway??

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    1. Trump is the greatest threat (and evil) in the history of the Republic.

      I will take no joy in the “I told you so” phase of this debacle….

      It really is a shame that the non-stupid members of the cult can’t see the obvious.

      As we used to say in the sixties “free your mind, and your ass will follow”.

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      1. RE: “It really is a shame that the non-stupid members of the cult can’t see the obvious.”

        It’s a greater shame that the smart people outside the cult can’t seem to explain whatever it is that is obvious to them.

        As they said in the ’60s, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.


        1. “It’s a greater shame that the smart people outside the cult can’t seem to explain whatever it is that is obvious to them.”

          Explanation: He is a LIAR.

          What is it that you cannot understand?

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        2. RE: “What is it that you cannot understand?”

          Show me the lie you have in mind, and I’ll explain what I think about it. Make over-broad generalizations, and I’ll likely point out they are over-broad generalizations.


          1. RE: “Here, have at it. 10 lies to pick from.”

            Cheeky but irrelevant. Even if I could prove a negative, the challenge remains for you and everyone else to state your principles and support them in context.


          2. “ Cheeky but irrelevant.”

            Uh, I gave you 10 lies. Click on one and all the details come out. Like magic. Context and everything. No charge.

            So we’ve done our job, now you said you would do yours.

            (“ Show me the lie you have in mind, and I’ll explain what I think about it.”)

            Or was that fake news?

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      1. They haven’t even scheduled a hearing for the bipartisan bill they, and you, assured us was necessary last year.

        Any choice other than an up or down vote on the existing Amendment resolution is a choice to delay non-partisan redistricting until 2030.


        1. I think your on the wrong thread. My comment was about the national slate.

          But, since we are on the subject of the redistricting amendment, I am furious at the Democrats in VA. I supported and donated to VA 2021.

          But it is not dead yet.

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  3. And here we go again. Liberal punk assholes claiming that everyone that doesn’t agree with them is “stupid”. Just like clockwork. Oh, apparently it is now civil, because of liberals, to say punk assholes. Also, I get a wonderful laugh at the claims of “if you love your country” tripe from these extremists. Don’t they ever tire of occupying the ivory tower? Cheers…


  4. Please stop labeling President Trump and other Republicans as Nazis.

    If you think they are Nazis? Please…explain why you support the government to restrict our civil rights to bear arms.


    1. Not to put to fine a point on this, I read the use of “good little Nazis” to mean the old “I was just following orders” excuse used in the Nuremberg trials.

      The GOP senators and congressmen are so frightened that they will do as told by the regime. Even stalwarts like Murkowski and Alexander, who are unopposed or retiring.

      Other than Trump looking like Mussolini with his raised chine and frown, I don’t see the Republicans as Nazis, just scared little folks who wish they were somewhere else.

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      1. And exactly what do claim they are frightened of? Going to bed with no dessert? President Trump has no more control over the GOP than Pelosi has control over the unherded Democrat cats in congress. Congressional Republicans are fighting against the onslaught of liberal extremists attempting to rip up the constitution by fiat to institute communist rule over freedom and the average american.


        1. Delusional. As usual.

          THe GOP fears Trump. If they didn’t, we would not be in the situation we are in. Your attempts to project what the GOP is ACTUALLY doing onto the Democrats is EXACTLY what Trump does every time. I didn’t do it, but they are.


    2. Well, one should try, with great effort mind you, to avoid any emulation of said persons. This effort should be seen in all levels of the population.

      Consider Trump’s EO on the architecture of federal buildings. Do you know who else, thinking himself a great architect and arbiter of taste in building design, did this too?

      BTW, contrary to popular opinion, the Nazis did NOT attempt to disarm the people. In fact, they loosened the laws in place by the government prior to 1933 and increased ownership, although they did tighten the laws for certain individuals.

      But to continue with your misconception, the only way you can compare the Nazis gun laws and those proposed by the Democrats is to adopt the position that “all Jews are crazy”. Is this your position?

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      1. Nazi Germany only loosened gun laws for bona fide nazis. Anyone else considered a possible threat faced even stricter gun laws especially jews, occupied territories and not so loyal average Germans. Hence the attempt to disarm the public is in direct relation to authoritarian government that wants to control and not fear it’s people. You know. Democrats.


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