The Similarity Runs Deep With This One

He fancies himself an architect too.  Time for a fire in the Capitol.


12 thoughts on “The Similarity Runs Deep With This One

  1. A common architectural style for Federal buildings does make for a more attractive Federal District, A jumble of styles from different eras just looks tacky

    However, some deference for local style and utility also makes sense. If you ever go to Key West, you can spot the Federal buildings, which are mostly old Customs Houses, by their steep snow roofs and tall chimneys at each end. That’s what the official design for a customs house was when they were built. The fireplaces have never been used and it has never snowed in Key West. They close the schools when the temperature drips below 50 because most of the children there don’t own a jacket.


  2. “Right now, the guidelines for federal architecture, which were written in 1962, say “Design must flow from the architectural profession to the government, and not vice versa.” If adopted, the president’s executive order would reverse that.”

    Apparently we have Frank Lloyd Trump as the president.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Trump can whatever the @#$& he wants.

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    1. it doesn’t require Frank Lloyd Wright to seek harmony of style in a neighborhood.

      In your neighborhood of traditional homes on Norfolk, would you want to see one neighbor build a George Jetson house and another an oversized yurt?

      Federal zones are effectively neighborhoods with a homeowners association,


          1. That’s NOT the point. You, not me, made the comparison to private property and an HOA.

            If a federal building is NOT like my neighborhood then why did you make that comparison? You cannot have it both ways.

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          2. I didn’t equate Federal Buildings with an HOA, I wrote that a Federal Zone was like a neighborhood with an HOA. The point being that some consistency in style contributes to the appearance of the area.

            And why would an HOA be anti-Libertarian? You don’t have to buy into a neighborhood if you don’t want one, but if you do, it’s a voluntary agreement between the property owners to meet certain neighborhod standards for mutual benefit.


          3. “And why would an HOA be anti-Libertarian?”

            An HOA wouldn’t be anti-Libretarian. A Libertarian would be anti-HOA.

            Public buildings are reflective of the communities in which they are built since the communities are always consulted. Plans are always announced and open for discussion, e.g.., even the pink one in Norfolk. Long before it was built, there were hearings — too bad nobody actually noticed that the mortar and the brick were the same color.

            What they shouldn’t be is the sole choice of Der Trumpinfuhrer.

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