I too, like President Trump, welcome

foreign interference in our election.

UN observers would be nice.  Why shouldn’t we have the same help as other 3rd world nations?


10 thoughts on “I too, like President Trump, welcome

    1. True, the presidential election is really just 50 state elections added together.

      But if some states are holding fraudulent or insecure or biased elections, that affects the nation. Sort of like the Civil Rights laws. Or the 2nd Amendment to bring it closer to home.

      The right to vote is Constitutionally protected, and, as such, the federal government has a responsibility to ensure that the people’s rights are protected and enforced.

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      1. The problem is that with the Federal government running it, it will be all 50.

        Right now, certainly Illinois has the reputation of cheating in favor of Democrats and Kentucky in favor of Republicans, but with the Feds in charge, all 50 will cheat in favor of the party in power.

        The Turkish bazaar sounds a lot better.


    2. Apparently, you have an issue with election integrity. The security bills in question are not about the Federal Government running the elections; they are about assisting the states in securing theirs.

      Maybe if elections were properly protected, the Libertarian Party could get a foothold. Nah. Not enough people voting for unicorns.


  1. The biggest fear for Republicans is voter participation.

    “Blackburn accused Democrats of trying to move the bills knowing that GOP lawmakers would block them and giving them fodder for fundraising efforts.”

    Well, then, Ms Blackburn, don’t block the needed security bills and yell “fire”. You and the rest of the GOP have already provided the president with unlimited powers. And you demanded that the people should decide in November. So now you want to rig the elections, too?

    Shame on you.

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    1. RE: “Well, then, Ms Blackburn, don’t block the needed security bills…”

      Why should we assume that the security bills are needed? Do you fear that state election officials are unaware of the hacking threat or incompetent to deal with it? Do you also fear that political campaigns are unaware of existing laws against foreign assistance or unlikely to contact the FBI when appropriate?

      Federalizing election security may sound like a good idea on its face, but the burden of proving the necessity is a heavy one. Notably, a federalized election system becomes a security risk in its own right.


    1. RE: “It really is no more complicated than that.”

      Exactly. Plus, no one who supports the stalled legislation has demonstrated a real need for it.


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