Trump — The Arbiter of Prayer, God Incarnate.

“I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong,” Trump added. “Nor do I like people who say, ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so”

Once they believe you are God, can read their reasons for prayer, how can you lose their vote.   Kim Jong Un, anyone?

Well, I never put my faith in another man’s faith, but a virus knows not of metal detectors, so I do have hope.

11 thoughts on “Trump — The Arbiter of Prayer, God Incarnate.

  1. The purges are beginning. Out with the old and in with the sycophants, grifters, business pals and another 250 lobbyists to add to the 250 he already hired.

    The next parade to honor the pilots of 1812, we can look at the reviewing stand to find out who is in and who is out. May Day in Putin Plaza anyone? Trump may not be a student of history, but he is predictable. .

    The Speaker has torn the king’s speech in half, but the king has trashed the Constitution. And Utah will be one huge oil field unless Romney’s head is delivered on a pike…or a MacDonalds tray.

    Fire and brimstone belched forth at the National prayer breakfast. It’s not enough to be surrounded by “religious” leaders in their taxpayer funded limos, jets and ideology, the president had to trash others’ beliefs to placate his corrupted soul.

    All that being said, I wonder if “Igor” will unlock all those bills now that Trump yelled “I’m alive…”.

    Nah, roads, prescription drugs and healthcare can wait until we trash SS.

    All this IMMHO.

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    1. …”prescription drugs and healthcare can wait until we trash SS.”…

      Most of the bills he called for during the “manifesto of mistruths” have been passed by the “do nothing” House and have been collecting dust in Magic Mitch’s black hole of a desk. HR3 comes to mind for lowering prescription drug prices.

      And aren’t we waiting for ANOTHER infrastructure week so we can get a plan to improve our highways and byways?

      And Health Care is under attack in the courts by the administration and random GOP controlled states. But he’ll still protect those with pre-existing conditions.

      Because Article I no longer exists and Article II says he can do whatever he wants.

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    2. “The purges are beginning.” YERP. Col. Vindman is first to go. If it were Russia in WWII, he would be off to the western front. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere his work in intelligence is truly appreciated. There is a great big 5 sided building not too far from the WH.

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      1. I don’t know what use the Pentagon would have for an analyst who can’t distinguish between his own hurt feelings and assumptions and fact, perhaps something at CNN where opinion and fact are the same thing?

        Isn’t he a bit long on the tooth for a Colonel anyway?


        1. @Tabor

          Personal attack on Vindman? For doing his duty and telling the truth? How pitiful is that.

          Or do you think his duty was to help cover up for Dear Leader’s crimes?
          That, of course, would be bull. There is no evidence that he is a Republican.

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          1. Did you listen to him?

            He was clearly offended that Trump was not following HIS foreign policy agenda.

            Sure, he’s an “expert” but he is not an elected official. It is not his place to undermine policies with which he disagrees when his advice is not followed.


          2. Undermining policies? He called a spade a spade and actually did his DUTY. Something that only counts in Trump world is if it is complete and total fealty to Trump.

            As far as attacking him for his position, how old ishre? Seriously, you accuse democrats of shaky attacks. Yet you go into ageism because you THINK he might be too old to be a Colonel? Pretty sad for someone who claims to believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. Or wait. You only believe in a single amendment and the rest is up to whatever floats Trump’s boat.

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        2. {Isn’t he a bit long on the tooth for a Colonel anyway?}

          Indeed — and it is abundantly clear why he has never made full Colonel. You may right about CNN, too. For that appears to be the “landing zone” for swamp-state coup plotters.


        3. @Tabor

          Yes, I listened to him. And yes he was very likely offended that the Ukraine was being stabbed in the back by the TV Clown in the Oval Office. None of that nor you and your soulmate TK mocking his career has anything to do with the factual matters that he testified to. Duh!

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