Feeling Blue?

Total vote count was interesting last night – about 1.3M for Democrats, 1.0M for Republicans in the Senate, or 55% – 45%. So, it should be 22-18, actual looks like 21-19, pretty much in line. Percentages were about the same in the House.

I was surprised at the number of non-contested races: 23 with Democrat unopposed + 5 with a Libertarian or Independent candidate only versus 6 Republican unopposed + 2 Libertarian/Independent only. My how times have changed and the Republican gerrymander has crumbled.

Personally, I think it’s a shame that VA Beach republicans, especially DeSteph and Davis, didn’t pay a larger price for their disgraceful, unethical rat-f-ing last summer with the Shaun Brown petition scandal. At least Holcomb didn’t get back in and Stolle appears to be gone.

The implications for VA Beach will be interesting, especially in the Senate. Cosgrove, DeSteph and Kiggans are now in the minority; what will that mean for their ability to deliver?

On Hearsay today, Askew & Simonds, to their credit, said they would back the independent redistricting bill, despite Democrats now in charge for redistricting following the 2020 census.

Rather interesting watching Faux News. They all but didn’t cover the elections last night, and now seeing Trump + Pascarle trying to spin it today that somehow Trump improved Bevins numbers by 15 points is just absurd. In the end, Bevins was a bad governor and voters properly threw him out. In the last 4 years, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have all properly thrown out their ineffective Republican governors. It’s a shame that Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, SC, Oklahoma and Texas voters have chosen to rinse and repeat with ineffective Republican governors that leave their state in the bottom third in health care, education, and their economy.

9 thoughts on “Feeling Blue?

  1. “At least Holcomb didn’t get back in “… One question: Was it wrong for me to dance in front of Rocky’s house last night at midnight?

    The sheer number of campaign signs for him in the area made me think it would be a run away. To those who paid for them, you do realize you threw your money away. The guy even refused to answer the VP’s questions for their voter guide. He may be a very good deputy, but like RK (for City Council), he needs to give up his political career.

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  2. Good post.

    However, I don’t think we should read too much into the Bevins loss. The other 4 or 5 statewide offices were won by Republicans with large margins.

    Bevins, who bragged about being Trump before Trump, was a first class jerk who ticked off just about every interest group in the state, including the teachers.

    Yet, because Trump stumped for Bevins, it was another failure like the Alabama election last year. And KY went for Trump by 30 points, so the narrow win is still a slap in the face.

    VA is another matter. I think calling VA a blue state is now a reality.

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    1. Too bad the VA Senate is not more like the US Senate, divided geographically by area rather than by population.

      Note the map


      The divide is much like that in the US as a whole, urban vs rural.

      This is a divide that really worries me. People for whom a long commute is 5 miles and who have the option of mass transit don’t have the same interests as those who are 40 miles from their Dr. and for whom hunting and fishing are a way of life, yet the city folk want to set the rules by which they will live.

      If people can’t learn to live as they wish and let others do the same things are going to get really ugly.


      1. Why should it not be by population? Moreover, who pays the bills?

        The urban/rural areas, and indeed the blue / red state divide in general, features urban makers versus rural takers.

        I find it interesting that a Libertarian thinks it proper to give equal representation to people who fail to invest in education, fail to invest in economic development, fail to invest in healthcare, and fail to invest in infrastructure with those who did invest in those things.

        Every year the blue states see their pockets picked by the red states, and to what end? Rand Paul talks a good game, but when it comes down to it Kentucky is the 3rd most dependent state on the federal government. It receives $1.51 for every $1.00 it pays in federal income taxes. 40% of the state’s budget is federal government revenues. And yet, there’s Kentucky in the bottom 10 every year for quality of education and healthcare. There’s Kentucky and Rand Paul claiming they’re so put upon by the federal government, all the while with their hands out demanding more federal $$.

        No thanks.

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  3. And vice versa.

    Unfettered access to and carrying around rifles and pistols plays much better in the open range than on Fifth Avenue in NY. Yet a cowboy from Montana wants his rules to apply for carry when he visits NY.

    You are putting the rural “real Americans” against the urban “elites” again. The fact is that neither stereotype fits except in the minds of those who sow division for political gain.

    A current regime comes to mind.

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    1. Well, thing is, it is pretty one sided.

      No one from rural areas is demanding that people living in cities drive a 4WD SUV, but, either by CAFE standards or artificially raising the price of gasoline with carbon taxes, city folk are telling country folk they can’t have them.

      What Montana cowboy are you referring to? I don’t know anyone who wants to override local laws. The closest thing I know of is national reciprocity, but that just means that the Montana guys CHP would be treated the same as a NY CHP. if NY issues them, just like states honor each other’s driver’s licenses.


      1. It was national reciprocity. I just picked Montana because it was a huge, rural state.

        Some states have almost no requirements for carry other than fogging a mirror. Densely populated cities need a bit more reassurance for responsibility than that.

        Bottom line though: the country folks are no more a victim than anyone else. Politicians just tell them they are. It like the totally fake “war on Christmas “.

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  4. “ Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel also tried to spin some of the more disappointing results, tweeting, “No one energizes our base like @realDonaldTrump. In Kentucky, the governor was down 17 points. President Trump helped lift the entire ticket, winning 5 of 6 statewide races so far!” It’s not clear when Bevin was down by 17 points. The poll aggregator Real Clear Politics shows the Beshear’s biggest lead by eight points. In fact, Trafalgar Group, one of the few polling companies to predict Trump’s victory in 2016, published a poll days before Trump’s Kentucky rally that found Bevin led Beshear by a little over five points.”


    Let’s see. Trump tries to blame Bevin by saying he was so far down in the polls that even though he came close it wasn’t enough. Yet according to the last poll, Bevins was leading by 5.

    Did Trump cost him the election?

    Even Trump said Bevins was a pain in the ass, so probably not.

    But still…

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