Digby Solomon’s farewell column

Digby Solomon’s farewell column

“If any of the foregoing offends you, take heart: this will be my last column.

”I began writing my weekly missives in the summer of 2018 after the death of Charles Krauthammer. As a fan of Mr. Krauthammer, I was commiserating with Marisa Porto, then editor and publisher of the Daily Press, when she unexpectedly asked me if I wanted to fill his space.

”I allowed in my inaugural piece that while I might indeed fill the allotted space, my humble attempts would never do justice to Mr. Krauthammer’s intellect, wit and erudition.

”My goal was to use facts and economic logic to explain why so many well-intentioned liberal policies are doomed to failure.

”But I could not escape the phenomenon of cognitive bias, as my email inbox proved daily. Facts would never change the mind of anyone who disagreed with me, only reinforce those who already did.

”The weekly deadline became too much like the work obligations I had retired to escape, and my wife needs my help on some literary projects of her own.

”So I am taking my leave today. Sincere thanks to all of you who took the time to read and critique my work.”

11 thoughts on “Digby Solomon’s farewell column

  1. Another conservative gets his feelings hurt because people disagreed with his weekly pablum.

    Good riddance. At least the right wingers on this board usually have interesting opinions. Heck, give “Jane Chavis” a weekly column. (S)He is more closely aligned to the average Trump voter.

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