Hits & Misses

Hits & Misses: Oceana opens its doors for annual air show

Miss: There is no editorial today—just an endless string of junk ads. I think the cartoon is the same way. And the lead story today is about a driftwood arch that burned down.

I would say The Pilot is dying, but I think it’s already dead.


7 thoughts on “Hits & Misses

  1. Miss: The aforementioned story about the fire said “the nearby maritime forest … was extremely dry from a lack of rain.” Wasn’t Virginia shut down just two weeks ago because of a hurricane?

    “New York Times said it was the coldest winter in 17 years. Didn’t feel so cold then.” — Bob Dylan


    1. Is that Arcamax? That is where I go for “Non Sequitor”, my favorite comic that was removed because of an ill conceived insult of the president hidden among some scribble in a Sunday version.

      Arcamax has every cartoon going back weeks.

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  2. ePilot has the downloadable version of the exact print edition that the presses use for the actual paper.

    Comics, editorial cartoons, articles you can’t find on the Pilotonline. It is included in the subscription and findable in the drop down menu.

    That is the route I’m taking for renewal this year.

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